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Sustainability Ambassadors

About 6,200 Henkel employees have become Sustainability Ambassadors since the program’s start in 2012.

If we want to achieve our goal of tripling the value that we create compared to the environmental footprint of our products and technologies by 2030, we need everyone to contribute. That is why we strive to give our employees a clear understanding of sustainability and enable them to convey the importance of sustainability to others.

One of our most important educational initiatives is the Henkel program for Sustainability Ambassadors, which was initiated in 2012 to inspire employees to engage even more intensively with the topic of sustainability. Since then, Henkel has trained around 6,200 ambassadors in 74 countries. As part of their activities, the ambassadors work with elementary school children, to teach them about the responsible use of resources. We have now reached around 63,000 schoolchildren in 43 countries.

Further initiatives for more sustainability

Added to the program in 2014 was the initiative “(Y)our move toward sustainability,” which encourages employees to put sustainability into practice in their day-to-day work, such as in regard to saving energy and eating healthily.

In 2015, another initiative was added to the program: In “Say yes! to the future,” Henkel sales representatives all over the world are being trained on all sustainability topics that apply to sales, going beyond the contents of the Sustainability Ambassador program. They then apply this knowledge in joint projects with our retail customers – in logistics, for example, or in promoting sustainable purchasing decisions. In addition to sales-relevant sustainability matters, the exchange of international best practice examples for retail collaborations is an important component of the training courses, in order to initiate new forms of cooperation.




Sustainability Film for Kids

This educational video is shown to school children worldwide in order to show how they can make a contribution to sustainability.



Interviews with sustainability ambassadors

Kathrin Menges

Kathrin Menges

"Many people are still unaware of their personal impacts. Therefore, we need to raise awareness that each and every contribution matters and learn how to use resources more efficiently in order to achieve more with less."
Kathrin Menges, Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Chair of the Henkel Sustainability Council

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Interview with sustainability ambassador Kathrin Menges

Carol Milan

"Now I see that sustainability is a ʻmustʼ for all of us. We can make sustainability part of our thinking, our daily lives and our culture."
Sustainability ambassador Carol Milan, Laundry & Home Care, Libanon

Interview with sustainability ambassador Carol Milan

Frank Tenbrock

"I learned that ʻachieving more with lessʼ is not a contradiction. In fact, sustainability and economic success can be aligned."
Sustainability ambassador Frank Tenbrock, Finance, Germany

Interview with sustainability ambassadors Frank Tenbrock

Johanna Griese

"We need to break little habits to have a greater sustainability impact. If we are all prepared to make small, specific changes in our daily lives, then together we can make a significant contribution to sustainability."
Sustainability ambassador Johanna Griese, Human Resources, Europe

Interview with sustainability ambassadors Johanna Griese

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