Interview with Matthew

3 learnings from Matthew:
1.    Everyone has constraints. Those who are successful find advantages in their constrains and leverage them.
2.    Never hesitate to share your opinion. If you have a seat in a room, people want to hear your thoughts. You may be thinking the same thing as someone else, or something genius that no one else thought of. 
3.    It is easy to get trapped in personal bias. In consumer goods you must always take a step back and view things through the lens of your consumer, not your own. 

What is the biggest fun factor while working at Henkel:
As interns, Henkel offered several social and volunteer events for us to get to know employees better outside of daily work

What is unique about working at Henkel:
Henkel is unique in that it constantly exposes you to diverse challenges. Due to the breadth of Henkel’s portfolio, there are countless opportunities across geographic locations, job functions, product categories and brands.

What did you like most about being an intern at Henkel:
Feeling valued. The work that I did as an intern contributed to driving the business and I truly felt like a member of the team. 

Describe Henkel in three words: 
Opportunity, Impact, Innovation