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One-Day Case Competition

Join future leaders in business and the Henkel team for a day-long case competition! We have a strong tradition in engaging regional business schools, with students bringing a diverse array of backgrounds, including supply chain, marketing, engineering, consulting, and finance.

This semester’s Competition 

Topic: case will be focused on elements of strategy and corporate finance. 
When: Thursday, March 14, 2019
Where: Henkel North America Consumer Goods HQ, in Stamford, CT
Apply by February 27, 2019

Who should attend

The Henkel Case Competition brings graduate business school students from regional, leading universities in analyzing and presenting a business case to judges; all areas of study/concentrations/majors are welcome! 

Why attend

This event will be a great opportunity to:

  • Develop and demonstrate your skills in case-analysis and problem-solving
  • Gain exposure to relevant business issues
  • Network with fellow driven students and Henkel professionals

The goal of this Case Competition is to arm future leaders with powerful skills in critical thinking, communication, and teamwork as well as introduce these individuals to a leader in consumer goods and industrial products. Did we mention winning teams will be awarded $500 per person?

You will meet various professionals within Henkel, from recruiters to managers and executives. Each team will be taken on a tour of the facilities and, after the Competition, a networking event will be held to learn more about the opportunities at Henkel and what makes us unique.

How the competition works

Participants are divided into groups of four to form high-performing case teams. Teams are tasked with devising a proposed solution to the given case prompt within an allotted time and present their solutions to a judging panel comprised of Henkel leaders.

With such an eclectic array of experiences and skills within every group, individuals are able to enhance their own communication and teamwork skills. Cases have included such topics as AI and automation as well as supply chain.

How to apply:

Please send a resume and statement of interest to the following contact:

Applicants will be chosen based on professional experience, academic interests, overall fit with the case, and expressed interest to participate. 

Submission deadline: 2/27/19