Mar 10, 2014  Heidelberg

Henkel Sustainability & Acoustics Day

Inseparably Linked: Innovation, Efficiency and Sustainability

Experts from around 100 international industrial customers attended the unique Henkel Sustainability & Acoustics Day event in Heidelberg, Germany, hosted by the business unit Adhesive Technologies. Participants were keen to learn more about how Henkel helps its industrial and automotive partners increase resource efficiency and reduce environmental footprint.

“As the world’s leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, we are an innovation and sustainability driver and have a reputation for incorporating sustainability into every step of product development. This new kind of event gives experts from our customers an insight into how we do this, and how our comprehensive technology portfolio creates added value for our customers and consumers,” says Manfred Holzmüller, Henkel Business Director, Sealing & Coating. “This is just the first in a series of events we are planning around the world to bring ourselves into closer contact with our global customer-base and demonstrate that for Adhesive Technologies, sustainability is inextricably linked with innovation and efficiency.”

The Henkel Sustainability & Acoustics Day was hosted by the Adhesive Technologies Strategic Business Units Transport & Metal and General Industry. After a short introduction to Henkel’s Sustainability Strategy and long-term target of improving the relation between the value it creates and its environmental footprint by a factor of three by 2030, a series of experts from Adhesive Technologies presented detailed information about specific technologies and the societal and technological mega trends they react to. These included solutions for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Vehicle Repair and Maintenance, and weight reduction in the automotive industry, as well as Liquid Applied Sound Deadeners, Polyurethane adhesives for bonding rotor blades, and many more innovative technologies.

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