Oct 7, 2014  Mexico

Initiative to open Henkel’s doors for the employees’ children in Mexico

“My first sustainable experience”

"My First Experience" is an initiative originated by Be One, a group of Henkel employees that work on different initiatives to improve the environment on site at Henkel Mexico.

The initiative was created in order to open Henkel’s doors for the employees’ children in Mexico, letting them participate in various activities, explore their parents’ workplace, and feel engaged by the company. This year there was a twist: The overall topic was "sustainability", thus the 272 participating children at the eight Mexican sites were taught about sustainable behavior.

The diverse activities invited children to look after the planet and learn about reducing their ecological footprint. The young visitors learned about self-sufficiency by laying out vegetable gardens; they decorated them to their liking and sew different seeds such as cilantro and parsley. The kids took home their orchard to take care of and watch their seeds grow. A great event to make children aware of sustainable behavior while getting to know where their parents work.

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