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Corporate Volunteering

As part of our corporate engagement, we support our employees and retirees in their social volunteering activities in the communities where they operate, in an effort to support social initiatives and public institutions worldwide.

By establishing Corporate Volunteering (MIT Initiative) in 1998, Henkel became one of the first German companies to include the voluntary social engagement of its employees and retirees as a significant element of its corporate social responsibility policy. By supporting their employee’s social engagement, Henkel sees important benefits. Better teamwork, greater motivation in their job and closer identification with their employer are just some of the positive results that volunteers report. Furthermore, the volunteers play a pivotal role as a link between Henkel and its social environment.

Home repairs for a good cause

Henkel employees in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, made helping others a family affair in May 2015: 58 volunteers, their families and local area high school students participated in HomeFront Day, spending the day repairing a home for a local family. HomeFront Day is an annual event put on by HomeFront, a community based program that provides low-income homeowners with free home repairs. The team from Rocky Hill showed their handiness through replacing windows and lights, painting and assisting with landscaping.

Henkel volunteers at the Special Olympics

Employees from Henkel in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, were there to cheer on and assist athletes in both the winter and summer games hosted by the Special Olympics of Connecticut (SOCT) in 2015. Henkel employees helped at the hand-washing station during the winter games. During the summer games, they took over the roles of marshals, lane judges and result runners during the cycling competition. Over 3,000 athletes participated during both games, which Henkel supported as a sponsor.