Interview with Emily

Emily Clark

Job title: Financial Analyst      
Duration: 3 months (Summer 2018)
Business Unit: Finance

3 learnings from Emily:
1.    Know what you're looking to gain from your internship. You will gain more from your experience if you have a goal in mind, rather than if you are using it solely as a resume builder.
2.    Meet with people outside of your team. Getting to know people in other departments and learning the basics of their job not only helps you build a network and understand the business; it may open your eyes to potential opportunities you may have never known about otherwise.
3.    Be proactive. If you have periods of free time, do not sit and wait. Take that time to try something creative with your project, try to become familiar with other parts of the business, do some of the online trainings the company provides, ask a team member if they would show you what they are working on. Taking the initiative to keep busy and stay productive not only looks good to your boss, but allows you the additional opportunity to learn something that could prove to be useful later on. 

What is the greatest learning you took home from your internship at Henkel: 
One of the most important things I learned through my internship at Henkel is that that there is nothing wrong with admitting what you do not know, or asking for help. An internship (or any new experience really) is about learning and growing. The more questions you ask, the more you stand to gain from your experience, and the more you can bring with you into your next chapter of life.

What is unique about working at Henkel:
Henkel provides so many opportunities for its employees to grow. They may be able to move between departments, functions, and even countries to gain different types of experiences. They can join resource groups in order to connect with others throughout the company and see other points of view. They have an enormous number of trainings available to help expand their knowledge and skills. While many companies likely provide such opportunities, I feel that Henkel truly encourages its employees to take advantage of them in order to drive growth and transform their employees into well rounded professionals & individuals.

What did you like most about being an intern at Henkel:
My favorite part of being an intern at Henkel was that I felt like a true member of the team. I was assigned tasks and projects that were value-added, not just busy work. I always felt like I was not only learning, but contributing as well.

Describe Henkel in three words:
Diverse, Innovative, Sustainable