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Why Henkel: The "Henkel Spirit"


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Henkel in less than 4 minutes

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We understand that deciding which company to work for is something you need to think about carefully. Of course, you have a lot of questions about the daily routine and your future colleagues at Henkel. What differentiates Henkel as an employer from other companies? What do we expect from our colleagues and partners? What benefits and trainings does Henkel offer for its employees? And how do we support your career and personal development? We are happy to answer your questions here.

All Henkel employees worldwide are united by one thought: We are one team! Together as a global team, we successfully shape the market with passion and joy. We are looking for colleagues who share this motivation and readily take on new challenges.

It doesn’t matter where you start your career at Henkel: Your individual personality counts. We are looking for clever employees implementing pragmatic solutions. Speed, flexibility and innovation are the key to our business success.

You want to know what differentiates us? These qualities characterize Henkel employees worldwide:

  • the desire to continually question and challenge the status quo
  • the challenge to constantly stay up-to-date through face-to-face and online trainings
  • the relentless drive to find better and more innovative solutions
  • the passion to meet all of our customers’ requirements
  • developing top products and technologies that many people around the whole world rely upon

These are the essentials that define the Henkel Spirit.

What you can expect as part of the Henkel team

We want to be the best in everything we do. Our corporate culture is characterized by entrepreneurial thinking and the continuous readiness for change. Innovations create real value for our customers. A commitment to sustainability has always been an important factor of our success. Workplace variety, which also becomes evident in the preferences, knowledge and skills of our employees, is an important value and competitive advantage. That is why we support our employees in their individual development.

Is this appealing and challenging to you? Then you think like we do!

  • Leading with our innovations, brands and technologies.
  • Innovations
  • Diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Work-Life Flexibility

Some say it is taking part that counts. But at Henkel, we play to win. It is that extra bit of motivation, ambition and passion that every one of our  employees around the world has in common. You see it in each business unit, in every job and at every level in the company.

Explore our brands from all business units!

Some say that work should be fun. At Henkel, we love our jobs: we provide the inspiration for each other to grow and constantly seek out new challenges. Whatever that challenges may be, we give it our best to skillfully overcome them.

Some believe that variety is the spice of life. At Henkel, we live and breathe change and diversity on a day-to-day basis. No task is identical to the last. We take new paths, driven by a spirit for entrepreneurship, creativity and adventure. We drive innovation forward.

Along our three business units:  Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care:

From Pritt or Loctite, Fa or Schwarzkopf, Persil to Purex to Dial – millions of people around the globe value and trust in our brands and use our products and technologies in their everyday life. Behind this success stands a whole company of individuals: talented people with experience, passion and the strong will to succeed.

We do not react; we lead the way. We are entrepreneurial in our thinking and proactive in what we do. We develop our markets and shape the future together as a tight-knit unit characterized by mutual respect, reliability and fairness.

Learn more about our company!

Innovations are a key to our business success: Welcome to the inventor of the first self-acting detergent, the first roll-on deodorant, the first glue stick. Each day, we apply our creativity, courage and curiosity to strive towards a single, simple and grand vision: to establish Henkel as the leading company in brands and technologies worldwide.

The key to our success

Our capacity to innovate is of vital strategic importance. It is the basis of our commercial success. Over the last three years, about one third of our revenue has been generated through new products and technologies. In this way, we are able to witness the developing future for our business and are able to generate value for our industrial and commercial customers, our end-users and our employees.

If you look at top brands such as Loctite (industry and retail) and Schwarzkopf (consumer) or Persil – every product was created with extensive knowledge and innovative technologies.

For more information about Henkel R&D activities check out the annual report.

Henkel has more than 53,000 employees. Each one is different. Each one is unique. And our diversity makes a valuable contribution to Henkel’s economic success. We are sure: Diversity makes a difference in the global competition – "from good to great".

We respect your individual characteristics and treat them as a valuable contribution to our corporate culture. We give you the freedom to achieve self-fulfillment. Anywhere. All over the world. At Henkel, we believe that this adds strategic value to our business. Understanding and accepting different points of view is the basis for achieving success through diversity.

Performance and competence count

Henkel helps its employees develop their talent across the spectrum – economics, creativity and innovation – and then apply it at the workplace. Our objective is to build the best teams, and in order to do this, we develop employees according to their expertise, potential and performance. This principle of variety and individual freedom as part of our corporate culture is called Diversity & Inclusion.

Big ideas are often a long way ahead of their time, and Henkel’s spirit of innovation is clearly apparent in our attitude and approach to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). In fact, the business has been committed to this idea for more than 140 years. Sustainability is one of our corporate values, part of our identity and therefore an integral part of our corporate culture.

Our focus on sustainability enables us to enjoy both an excellent reputation and a dominant market position worldwide, as we believe that being sustainable helps us to achieve the highest standards of brand and product quality. Every day, hundreds of millions of customers use Henkel products, which means our products have huge potential to support climate protection, the conservation of resources and social progress.

Forward-thinkers needed

We want all of our employees to act in a sustainable way. Our managers set a good example and demonstrate the significance of sustainability. It is therefore an integral part of the global training we offer. For instance, Henkel has trained more than 50,000 sustainability ambassadors.

We also target employees who understand the implications of sustainability – and in particular those who understand that improved sustainability directly helps us achieve our business goals. Those who share and act on these beliefs are part of our corporate culture and will fit in well with Henkel.

Sustainability Focal Areas

To fulfill our sustainability strategy we concentrate our activities along the value chain on six focal areas. Each innovative product hast to contribute to sustainable development in at least one focal area.

Henkel is committed to supporting our employees’ ability to better balance their professional and personal lives. Our offerings of flexible working arrangement options include alternate work schedules and job sharing.

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Henkel at the Formula Student Germany

Engineering students from all over the world competed against each other at the Hockenheimring in the course of the Formula Student Germany. Present during the race as the main sponsor was Henkel, supporting the teams with Loctite and Teroson solutions and being on the lookout for the best up-and-coming student engineers.

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Henkel Employer Branding Video

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