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Heat waves, rising sea levels, and the problem of plastic waste – we all see and experience the impact on our climate and the communities we live in. At Henkel, we are committed to leadership in sustainability and focus on meeting global challenges with sustainable solutions and technologies.

Throughout our history, we have developed innovative products, optimized our production processes to conserve natural resources and reduce wastes, and have built relationships with the communities we are active in and our partners. Our 2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework sets our long-term ambitions in three dimensions: regenerative planet, thriving communities, trusted partner.

Regenerative Planet

Climate change is one of the major global challenges of our time. We are committed to achieving the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement and focus on becoming a climate-neutral business by decarbonizing our operations and raw materials.

By 2030, we want to achieve a climate-positive carbon footprint for our production sites for Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We also want to reduce our Scope 3 emissions by 2030 and lower emissions from raw materials and packaging. Here, Henkel is pursuing the Science Based Targets approach, which derives emissions targets on a scientific basis that are consistent with achieving the targets of the Paris Agreement.

To advance circularity we focus on our products, packaging, and technologies. Additionally, we want to ensure a responsible stewardship of resources. We protect and restore biodiversity with a focus on forests, land, and water.

In North America, a five-year collaboration with Shell will replace up to 200,000 tonnes of fossil-based feedstocks used in the manufacture of laundry surfactants (an ingredient that helps lather and lift dirt) with feedstocks that are based on renewable raw materials.

The renewable-based surfactants will be used in many varieties of Persil®, Purex® and all® brands.

Thriving Communities

We actively contribute to people being able to lead better lives through our business and brands. To support and build communities that are viable for generations to come and to ensure quality of life, we focus on equity, education, and wellbeing.

A group of Henkel employees and friends wearing red Henkel shirts standing together in front of the house they are building with Habitat for Humanity.

Our focus lies in strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion, respecting human rights, and enhancing the livelihoods of people. At Henkel North America, there are 8 ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) with 19 active chapters consisting of more than 1,000 employees participating on building an inclusive culture.

Pictured here are Henkel ERG leaders and friends as they provide elbow grease and more to help build a duplex with Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County, Michigan.

A palm oil farmer is walking next to his cart pulled by a horse through his farm

Through our partnership with Solidaridad, for example, we have worked together for a decade to make sustainable palm oil production a reality while at the same time helping smallholder farmers improve their income. When rural smallholders earn more, the benefits often reverberate through their entire communities — for example in the form of new public services like daycare centers or healthcare clinics.

For individual farmers, increased income can lead to investments in education, health, access to global markets and raw materials of higher quality.

A mobile learning cart branded with Henkel’s Researchers’ World and a child exploring it.

Education is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to change. We support lifelong learning and motivate people to take action for sustainability. Bringing this educational approach to future generations, our global initiative Henkel Researchers’ World (known as “Forscherwelt” in German) cultivates curiosity and builds engagement with science, technology, engineering, and math in young people. Launched in 2021 in Stamford, Connecticut, in partnership with the local nonprofit Mill River Park, the US program has already reached more than 1,000 children while worldwide more than 91,000 children have already participated since its launch in 2011. In extension to the Researchers’ World classroom, the Discovery Cart shown here can bring lessons to to children directly.

Henkel employees in red t-shirts pose in front of a playground.

We foster health and wellbeing to help drive social progress. One way for Henkel employees to give back is through our Make an Impact on Tomorrow (MIT) program that supports thriving communities through employee volunteering. Since the MIT initiative was launched in 1998, Henkel has provided $41 million to support over 17,000 charitable projects in more than 100 countries. In 2022, the work of Henkel volunteers in North America impacted the lives of more than 110,000 people.

For example, Henkel funded and built a playground at the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center that is made from 100 percent recycled plastic.

Trusted Partner

We are committed to product quality and safety while ensuring business success through integrity. To that end, we focus on performance, transparency, and collaboration.

A group of people centered around woman looking at a screen together.

Connecting our approach to collaboration to our DEI commitment, we launched our Supplier Diversity Program in North America to provide more opportunities for collaboration to certified suppliers interested in doing business with Henkel. Our Diversity Supplier Program helps to link high-performing diverse suppliers to Henkel strategy to ensure inclusive and dynamic supply base and support the growth of minority suppliers. In 2022, Henkel purchased $93M with women and minority-owned businesses and continues to mentor Minority Business Enterprises through coaching and information sessions.

Our commitment to purposeful growth

Sustainability is a central element in our vision of the future. We want to actively drive the transformation to a sustainable economy and society, help protect and regenerate nature, contribute to strong communities and strengthen the trust of our stakeholders. Our Purpose – Pioneers at heart for the good of generations – underlines this tradition and ambition: We are working today on the sustainable solutions of tomorrow. And in doing so, we are helping to reimagine and improve lives – today and for generations to come.

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