Corporate Citizenship

Social engagement is part of our sense of responsibility and firmly embedded in our corporate values.

Social engagement – or corporate citizenship – has always been an integral part of our sense of responsibility as a company. This is a tradition that dates back to our founder, Fritz Henkel, and is firmly embedded in our corporate values. Together with our employees, retirees, customers and consumers, Henkel and the Fritz Henkel Stiftung are able to support sustainable social projects around the world. They both support activities in the areas of social needs, education and science, fitness and health, arts and culture, and the environment.

Additional information can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Corporate Citizenship in North America

Across North America, Henkel employees bring their hearts and hands into local communities to improve the quality of life for others. Through the Make an Impact on Tomorrow initiative, that was launched globally in 1998, Henkel supports the volunteer work of employees which includes: 

  • Advocating for education and science
  • Caring for children and families
  • Closing the hunger gap
  • Fighting cancer and disease
  • Providing shelter and basic needs

Employees are also making an impact to build better tomorrows by being Sustainability Ambassadors, a program launched globally in 2012, that encourages employees to make a visible contribution to sustainability by engaging with local communities, and especially schools to teach children about sustainability.

Since 2018, Henkel North America has donated 200,000 meals, helped 800,000 beneficiaries and provided over 1 million wash loads. 

Enjoy highlights of the community work and impact of our employees.

Corporate Citizenship is part of our DNA

The team teaches lessons on the basics of general hygiene – including how to brush your teeth properly.
girl holding sustainability teaching materials