Interview with Aimee

Aimee Ingabire

Job title: Research & Development Intern
Business Unit: Consumer Brands

What do you like most about being an intern at Henkel?
I love that Henkel is more than a company: it is a family. Everyone cares about you as a person and makes sure you feel safe and included no matter what. They are always willing to teach you and help you with the assigned projects. Because of Henkel’s friendly work environment, I find myself learning new things each day, and I am always excited to go into the lab every morning. 

What are some of your responsibilities as a Henkel intern?
I formulate and coordinate the development of hair care products like bleach, toners, developers, and hair colors. I do the testing of the products and other hair care lab work.

3 learnings:

1.    Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way during your internship.
2.    Leave the organization better than you found it and make an impact that the company will associate with your name.  
3.    Ask questions and communicate promptly about your best way of learning.