Henkel Adhesive Technologies Adjusting Prices

Rising Raw Materials and Transportation Costs Impact Adhesives Prices

Bridgewater, NJ Feb 20, 2018

A price action is necessary at this time due to feedstock markets for raw materials used in our products experiencing both supply constraints and a wide range of cost escalations including in freight. Hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, impacted the feedstock chain starting a steady rise in the cost of raw materials over the last 8 months. Henkel will increase prices by the amounts listed below for the specified categories.

Adhesive CategoryPercentage Increase
Water Based Adhesives7.0%  - 10.5%
Hot Melts4.0%  -  6.0%
Polyurethanes7.0%  - 10.5%

Henkel’s Packaging and Consumer Goods division delivers a broad portfolio of products sold within the markets of: furniture, building, flexible laminates, personal hygiene, tapes and labels, food and beverage, and paper solutions.  For further details, please reach out to your local sales representative.