Henkel Highlights Hispanic Heritage Month

“At Henkel, I feel comfortable just being me.”

DEI Sep 21, 2020
Hispanic Heritage Month

At Henkel, we embrace and celebrate diversity in our workplaces and the communities where we live and work. During Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 through October 15, we are proud to highlight the social, cultural and historical contributions of Hispanic-Americans.

We value the unique viewpoints and backgrounds of our employees. Read on to understand what Hispanic Heritage Month means to team members from our Hispanic community and how diversity is part of daily life at Henkel.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

JAVIER: Hispanic Heritage Month is a great opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many contributions that generations of Hispanic-Americans have made to enrich society. This month offers unique opportunities to discover how rich and diverse Hispanic culture is and how it has significantly added both culturally and intellectually to the melting pot that is the United States today. 

YEMILE: It’s a special month where we recognize positive influences and contributions from the Hispanic community.

HOLLY: Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for all of us to seek to understand the Hispanic culture and history. It is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of Hispanic individuals and community. We have a rich history in the United States, and it is important to bring awareness of how this cultural group has evolved over time.

How is diversity a part of daily life at Henkel?

JAVIER: Henkel truly has a global mindset and everyday embraces the diversity that this brings, showcasing a clear understanding of how valuable it can be to leverage multiple cultures and backgrounds. For those of us living in dual cultures, diversity is something we experience and live day-to-day at Henkel, so you feel like people know where you’re coming from and what to expect.  

ISRAEL: As a global company, Henkel has a culture where differences are accepted and embraced — and used to our advantage. At Henkel, I feel comfortable just being me.

HOLLY: Henkel embraces diverse thought leadership, regardless of background. In the United States, it is even more important to encourage diversity in ideas and bring in colleagues from various backgrounds since the country is incredibly diverse.

How does Henkel foster leadership?

JAVIER: At Henkel, leadership roles are available for anybody, regardless of background.  While embracing diversity the company also has a keen eye to the leadership qualities of the individual and what he or she can add and contribute. This is truly motivating, and I would encourage others within the company and outside to feel empowered — not limited — because of their heritage. 

YEMILE: Henkel offers opportunities for professional growth by providing mentorship programs and professional development classes/trainings. To be a leader at Henkel you need to be your authentic self and unique. Everyone’s journey is different and the more diversity we provide in our leadership team, the more we motivate and influence others to achieve greatness.

HOLLY: Henkel allows you to find ways to lead within and outside of the organization. There are many opportunities, but each individual must seek those out depending on their interests and skills. Being a leader at Henkel means being courageous to make tough choices, being honest and transparent through all circumstances and showing others that you are invested in them.

How do we recognize and support the Hispanic community?

JAVIER: When people “live” diversity like we do at all levels of Henkel, it just becomes something natural, normal and even expected — employees should feel empowered by that. I would encourage people of Hispanic heritage to take advantage of Henkel’s culture, to be active and share their voice and perspective because it can only enrich us even more.  

HOLLY: Henkel supports and recognizes the Hispanic community through strong recruitment efforts targeting new Hispanic employees, trying to understand cultural nuances that may impact the way that Hispanics work and connecting to the Hispanic consumer through our communications and products.

ISRAEL: Along with employee resource groups, Henkel has a variety of programs and opportunities to support your local community. And when we support organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we support the Hispanic community and others.

Javier Andrade-Marin

Javier Andrade-Marin
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Yemile Ojeda Arjonilla
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Israel Hernandez
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Holly Guzmán
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