Henkel’s 2022 Sustainability Report Highlights

Featuring sections from our 2022 Henkel Sustainability Report

Sustainability Jun 21, 2023

Have you read Henkel’s 2022 Sustainability Report yet? The 2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework sets Henkel’s long-term ambitions in the three dimensions of Regenerative Planet, Thriving Communities and Trusted Partner and links to the aspiration of “Transformational Impact for the Good of Generations.” In this weekly series, we will feature sections from the 2022 Sustainability Report, in easy-to-read segments.

Sustainability Circularity

Below, learn more about how we consistently and successfully implemented our sustainability strategy once again in 2022, with some examples from different fields of action.

2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework

 Originally published in Henkel's Sustainability Report 2022

We consistently and successfully implemented our sustainability strategy once again in 2022. Here are some examples from different fields of action:

Publication of the sustainability strategy: 2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework

Henkel further developed its sustainability strategy in 2021. In March 2022, we published the new 2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework, in which Henkel defines additional, new ambitions, taking into account global developments. The purpose of the framework is to help make the economy and society even more sustainable in the future.

Solidarity with Ukraine

In 2022, one focus of our volunteer program and emergency aid efforts was on activities in support of Ukraine. The comprehensive aid package included a cooperation with the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Habitat for Humanity. In collaboration with that NGO, Henkel colleagues from all over Europe carried out a construction project to build homes for refugee families in Romania. In partnership with the Fritz Henkel Foundation, Henkel also launched an extensive solidarity program for Ukraine with a total volume of around six million euros.

10-year renewable energy contract with IGNIS

Henkel and Spanish energy company IGNIS concluded a 10-year virtual Power Purchase Agreement for the supply of renewable energy. This agreement will ensure the supply of around 200 GWh per year of renewable energy to our European sites.

Henkel CEO joins WEF Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders

Henkel CEO Carsten Knobel joined the WEF Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders. Its goal is to accelerate the transition to Net Zero and drive progress on tackling climate change.

Launch of the Sustainability at Heart program

Our training programs for employees in the area of sustainability have been expanded to include a holistic engagement program: the Sustainability at Heart program. The objective is to more comprehensively inform and empower our employees in the future and to further support our joint active engagement.

Investment in innovation fund for sustainable packaging

Henkel invested in a new fund from Emerald Technology Ventures as part of its corporate venture capital activities. The packaging fund offers access to a wide range of startups in areas ranging from material and technology innovations to recycling solutions, with the aim of driving the development of advanced materials and industrial technologies for sustainable packaging.
Increased traceability rate for palm-based raw materials
In 2022, we increased the traceability rate to the mill from 84 percent to 89 percent as part of a survey on the transparency of our supply chains for palm-based raw materials. This brings us closer to our goal of full traceability.

Relaunch of the Schauma hair care brand

Schauma brand shampoos and conditioners were relaunched in 2022. In addition to the solid pieces packaged in a recyclable folding paper box, the PE bottle bodies now consist of 50 percent recycled plastic and the PET bottle bodies consist of at least 98 percent recycled plastic. The packaging also has a reduced weight and the caps are made from 25 percent recycled plastic.

Development of our innovative and technological strengths

In 2022, the Adhesive Technologies business unit further strengthened its collaboration with customers on the topic of sustainability. We created a special platform for cross-industry exchange and the identification of effective partnerships as part of the Innovation & Sustainability Days event. Customers and partners also had the opportunity to experience the newly opened Henkel Inspiration Center in Düsseldorf, where they are able to collaborate with more than 650 Henkel experts from research and development to explore forward-looking solutions.

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