Beyond the Brand: göt2b®

A new series outlining the history, purpose, innovations, sustainability, and pioneering spirit of Henkel’s brands.

Beauty Jun 28, 2024
Beyond the Brand - göt2b®

Henkel’s two business units, Adhesive Technologies and Consumer Brands, are united by the pioneering spirit to reimagine and improve everyday life – today and for generations to come. Building on a strong legacy of more than 145 years, our brands and products play an important role in the lives of millions of people and help to transform entire industries. In this series, Beyond the Brand, you will learn about how Henkel’s top brands are contributing to organizational goals and innovating constantly to serve and succeed on behalf of customers, consumers, and partners.

This edition’s featured brand is göt2b, which has been delighting consumers for over 20 years. Read on for more about the history, purpose, innovations, sustainability, and pioneering spirit that goes far beyond the brand.

The History of göt2b


göt2b is a trend brand for hair styling & coloration that was launched in the United States in 2001. With international growth to Europe and the Asia-Pacific region since then, göt2b has grown to offer a wide portfolio of hair styling and hair color products to global consumers that perfectly stage their personalities.

The Purpose of göt2b 


göt2b is an inclusive brand that stands for self-expression, with a purpose to empower everyone to celebrate their originality and individuality with their style. göt2b’s products are designed to enable consumers to show their personality, passions, and attitude through their hair style or color.

Innovations from göt2b

göt2b’s innovations are designed to drive industry trends in hair coloring and styling, and the brand is consistently seeking touchpoints with authentic users to ensure a product range that meets the needs of diverse consumers. For example, celebrity partnerships and high quality performance drove the popularity of göt2b Glued, a fan favorite high-hold gel for men, which in turn sparked the innovation of the göt2b Glued for Protective Styles, designed specifically for women and any other consumers who love using the brand to bond wig installations. This line provides a high hold and a skin-friendly formulation meant for safe application directly to the skin, empowering people to step out with bold new styles that stay.

Social listening and consumer feedback have become an integral part of product development and brand communications, including campaigns, owned content and social activities. This process has driven the brand to develop and release groundbreaking products such as göt2b’s vibrant color ranges including Color Pop, Color Remix, and Metallics, as well as a wide portfolio of styling products.


Sustainability from göt2b

göt2b believes that beauty creates confidence, and that confidence can serve to empower people in protecting, preserving, and enhancing our planet. göt2b aims to make a difference with services and products that look, smell, and feel delightful while offering quality styling and coloring results and lessening our impact the on the planet.

To further this mission, Henkel has forged a partnership with Terracycle® in North America, supporting conscious consumer behavior around circularity and establishing the göt2b® Hair Styling Free Recycling Program. This program allows consumers to ship empty göt2b®Hair Styling packaging to TerraCycle, where their experts clean and separate it by material type before the fibers and plastics are recycled into raw formats that manufacturers use to make new products, promoting a strong circular economy.


Beyond the göt2b Brand

göt2b has a long legacy of working to foster safe spaces and creating captivating events along with the LGBTQIA+ and drag communities, queer-first channels and creators, and other companies who are also committed to providing platforms for self-expression to inclusive communities. The brand has sponsored PRIDE parades in North America, the Revry Pride Ball, and a custom challenge titled ‘That’s So Metal’ on RuPaul’s Take it to the Runway miniseries. göt2b also set up a vivid immersive experience at RuPaul’s DragCon in 2023, a convention celebrating and supporting organizations like the Drag Defense Fund.

As a trusted partner to diverse communities across North America, Henkel and göt2b have also entered a partnership with Ditch the Label, an organization that supports young people who are affected by cyberbullying and online abuse. The partnership has opened conversations to raise awareness and empower those affected by providing tools, resources, and guidance. Ditch the Label’s digital tools include specific programming for LGBTQIA+ youth and offer online safe spaces where everyone is free to seek help and embrace who they really are.

All of the göt2b brand’s successes are achieved by an exceptional team with a commitment to problem solving and formulating solutions that align to what is best for Henkel, the brand, the communities we serve, and our customers, consumers, partners.

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