Henkel 2023 Sustainability Report Highlights: Implementing Our Sustainability Strategy

In this monthly series, we will feature sections from Henkel's 2023 Sustainability Report, in easy-to-read segments.

Sustainability Apr 26, 2024
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Have you read Henkel’s 2023 Sustainability Report yet? In 2023, our 2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework continued to provide a strong foundation for the important economic, environmental and social challenges to which we have committed ourselves as part of our corporate purpose “Pioneers at heart for the good of generations.” In this monthly series, we will feature sections from the 2023 Sustainability Report, in easy-to-read segments.

Below, learn more about our commitment to Implementing Our Sustainability Strategy through product quality and safety while ensuring business success through integrity.

Originally published in the Henkel 2023 Sustainability Report

At Henkel, we consistently and successfully implemented our sustainability strategy in 2023. Here are some examples from different fields of action:

Move to Matter

In May 2023, Henkel employees attended an internal Global Sustainability Forum in Düsseldorf. Around 140 participants attended this event under the slogan “Move to Matter.” They came away inspired by the discussions and key information. The event was a great source of enthusiasm and helped to bring the attendees closer together.

Expanding Renewable Energies

We have moved another step closer to our aim of achieving climate-positive production by 2030 – with the continued expansion of renewable energies, among other initiatives. Henkel converted a further 14 sites to carbon-neutral production in 2023. We also increased the share of our purchased electricity derived from renewable sources to 89 percent.

One of the World's Best Employers

Henkel has been named one of the best employers in the world by business magazine Forbes. The “World’s Best Employers” were chosen based on a survey of more than 170,000 employees from multinational companies.

Local Networks for a Circular Economy

Henkel partnered with the Circular Valley Foundation to help advance the circular economy. The aim is to develop the Rhine-Ruhr region into an attractive location for young companies and researchers interested in the circular economy. The cooperation gives Henkel the opportunity to engage with startups and scientists from around the world, while also expanding its local network.

"It Starts With Us"

Through targeted communication, we strive to encourage responsible-minded behavior while using our products. In our Consumer Brands business unit, we have launched the initiative “It starts with us.” Simple changes to everyday behavior can help consumers to use our products in a more resource-efficient and sustainable way, for example by using the ECO program on their washing machine.

Transparency in the Product Portfolio

In 2023, the Adhesive Technologies business unit published an assessment of the sustainability of its product portfolio. An external audit confirmed the share of sales from products that contribute to sustainability in line with criteria defined by Henkel.

Paid Parental Leave for Everyone

In 2023, Henkel issued global guidelines on paid parental leave – irrespective of gender – which are set to come into force in 2024. This means that both parents will have the flexibility to take paid parental leave. With this new policy, Henkel is living up to its commitment to diversity by supporting consistent and equal access to offers such as parental leave and childcare services worldwide.

Award for New Sleeve Technology

To improve the recyclability of the PET bottle bodies used for its fabric softeners in Europe, Henkel is using a new technology called EcoFloat® for the packaging sleeve. This material is low in density and easier to separate from PET bottles at recycling facilities. The clean separation of bottle and sleeve materials is essential to enable high-quality PET to be recovered. Henkel was presented with the AWA Award for this innovation in 2023.

Learn more about Henkel's 2023 Sustainability Strategy and successes in the 2023 Sustainability Report.

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