#AViewFrom Henkel North America: Delaware, OH

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Adhesive Technologies Industrial Adhesives People May 31, 2024

Did you know that Henkel North America employs approximately 8,000 employees in more than 65 sites across the U.S. and Canada? Collectively, these sites support two business units: Adhesive Technologies and Consumer Brands.

Our #AViewFrom series features select locations, sharing information and facts about our sites across Henkel North America.

If you’ve ever enjoyed soda or sparkling water from an aluminum can, driven an electric vehicle (EV), or flown in an airplane, you can thank employees at this Henkel site for their contributions in making those products possible. Here, a lean and efficient team manufactures lubricants, dispersions, and surface treatments used in metal packaging, EV battery production, and metal cleaning and finishing. Learn more in this segment of #AViewFrom: Delaware, OH.

Building exterior with Henkel logo

Just a short drive from Ohio’s capital city of Columbus sits the town of Delaware, where a longstanding 130,000 sq. ft. Henkel production site runs 24 hours a day, five days a week. Here, Henkel employees are manufacturing a variety of BONDERITE® brand chemistries including release lubricants used in metal can manufacturing; surface treatment and metal cleaning formulas for metal forming production, sheets, stamping, and others; and unique graphite products that are a vital enabler of electric vehicle (EV) lithium-ion batteries. Serving the company’s automotive, metal packaging, aerospace, and electronics businesses, about 60 employees in production, material handling, engineering, maintenance, safety, and quality are dedicated to enabling customers’ operations, Henkel brand excellence, and coworker success.

Delaware facility manufactured end uses

Henkel’s team at the Delaware facility manufactures a variety of release lubricants, dispersions, and surface treatment products for the company’s automotive, metal packaging and aerospace businesses under the BONDERITE® brand. These products are used in metal can manufacturing, surface treatment and metal cleaning processes and end products such as EV batteries, cellular phones, and many others.

Dave Bryant

The products we manufacture are essential for all types of modern-day conveniences and transportation technologies.

“Our customers are making millions of aluminum cans daily. Henkel’s release lubricants help their equipment release the cans from the molds efficiently at extremely high speeds; high-volume manufacturing would be impossible without them. Also unique to this site are our graphite dispersion formulations and processes. These dispersions are special because they do not allow the graphite to settle over time allowing our customers to have the highest quality dispersion throughout their process. We are one of a few facilities globally that have mastered the complexity of this technique, which is exclusive to Henkel, and a significant contributor to several advanced technologies, most notably EV batteries,” explains Operations Director Dave Bryant.

Built in 1954 by the Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company (Pennsalt), Henkel took over the Delaware, OH site in 2001 after acquiring Atofina’s metal treatment business. Since then, the facility has undergone several expansions, investments, and added new processes to its capabilities. Ongoing improvements have seen the addition of new equipment to the factory and enhanced sustainability efforts. Engineering and Maintenance Manager Tim Moore, a 30-year Henkel employee, comments on the latest initiatives designed to save water and capture operational metrics.

Tim Moore

We are integrating a next-generation chiller to enable water reuse, which will result in the conservation of a million gallons of water per year. The Delaware site has also installed Sensorfact energy management software to monitor and report data such as energy use, water and gas consumption, equipment maintenance requirements, and plant temperature and humidity. This will be tremendous for measuring and assessing our efficiency for sustainable manufacturing.


Ask any Delaware employee, and they will tell you the culture is just different here. Kind-hearted, generous people who care about their coworkers, community, and their employer, make up the team at this Henkel plant. Production Manager Kenny Mouton joined the Henkel family earlier this year and felt welcomed from the start. “The staff here is authentic, down to earth, and so encouraging. I’m still learning and have been guided and trained with exceptional professionalism and positivity. Every day is different, and everyone is committed to excellence. I really enjoy working here.”

Quality Manager Tara Franklin oversees incoming raw material and outgoing product quality testing, and she also spearheads many of Delaware’s team building and employee appreciation endeavors. Tara ensures birthdays are celebrated and that notable events like the recent solar eclipse bring the team together for fun. The site also supports the local community, participating in Christmas clothing drives, among other activities, and recently donating Henkel products to local families impacted by a devastating tornado. “People needed cleaning supplies, so we donated Persil® brand laundry detergent and Dial® brand hand soap,” Tara recounts. “It was heartening to be able to help those affected with products our company makes.”

Henkel team

Delaware, OH was one of the few places in the United States to experience a total solar eclipse in April 2024. To mark the occasion, the Henkel team enjoyed Moon Pie snacks and donned some cool shades to view the rare event.

Delaware, Ohio is well known for its Harness Racing, most specifically the annual Little Brown Jug, a race that makes up a portion of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing.


One of the Triple Crowns of horse racing is held annually in Delaware, OH. It’s most likely not the Triple Crown you may be familiar with, but a unique contest called the Little Brown Jug, which is one of the jewels in the Triple Crown of harness racing.

Delaware facility employee

Lab technician Theresa Poliquin performs a pH test in the lab.

Delaware facility employees

Production Manager Kenny Mouton and Production Associate Jon Cramer review a batch sheet prior to manufacturing.

Delaware facility employee

Production Associate Cody Blanton assembles equipment for intermediate production.

Delaware facility employee

Production Associate Eric Carr adds raw material into a batch.