30 Years Sustainable Development

The language of sustainability feels very modern – but terms like recycling, climate change or deforestation have deep roots that stretch back far into the past. Individuals and organizations have been exploring ways to find the right balance between economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection for many years. And they’ve already achieved some important progress.

Our commitment to maximizing the value we create and minimizing our environmental impact goes right back to Fritz Henkel, who founded our company in 1876. Throughout our company’s long history, we’ve developed innovative products and manufacturing processes that save resources and cut waste.

In 1992, we became one of the first companies in Germany to publish an environmental report. After publishing our latest Sustainability Report in 2021, we can now look back on 30 years of openly sharing up-to-date information about how we’re contributing to sustainable development.

This feature is the latest step in this 30-year tradition. It tells the story of our key topics and projects from the past, present and future – and how they support the global commitment to sustainability.

New content will be added throughout the year, including articles, graphics, videos and more.

We hope you enjoy it!

Climate Action

Our path to becoming climate-positive

Shaping a sustainable future

At Henkel, we are committed to leadership in sustainability and focus on meeting global challenges with sustainable solutions and technologies.

Responsible Sourcing

From raw material to Henkel product

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