Persil is your laundry detergent expert that guarantees fiber-deep clean and shining bright laundry.

Developed in 1907, Persil was the first self-acting detergent. Its revolutionary formula that released oxygen during washing made strenuous rubbing of the laundry superfluous. Ever since, Persil has always set the pace of time to serve society's changing needs, combining innovation and continuity. Persil was for instance the first to launch a phosphate free detergent in 1986, demonstrating that sustainability is part of the brand's heritage. After this, many high performance innovations followed, such as the first Liquid in 1987 and the first concentrated Powder in the form of Megaperls (1994).

Recently, Persil has put its focus on combining performance with convenience in order to serve today's consumer. A result of this effort is the successful launch of the first duo-chamber gel detergent ever: the Persil Duo-Caps. Over time, the positive image and expertise of Persil has been recognized and awarded by many, such as the Stiftung Warentest quality assurance institute in Germany. The renowned Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research describes the brand's equity well: "Persil combines washing performance, top quality and modernity."

In 2015, Persil ProClean was introduced in the United States. The full line of Persil ProClean products includes Power-Liquid, Power-Pearls, and Power-Caps, all formulated to deliver the premium clean that consumers across Europe have come to know and love.