Right Guard

Right Guard: Tested to the Xtreme! Proven to Perform!

Enjoy extended protection with Right Guard high performance antiperspirant deodorants and hair & body wash products.

Specially designed for long lasting protection, Right Guard products complete rigorous tests to withstand the toughest conditions! Right Guard contains formulas forged to deliver effective protection against body odor and underarm wetness, and provide confidence throughout the day.   

Right Guard is active in Deodorant and Shower segments.

Right Guard Xtreme: Tested to the Xtreme!
Right Guard Xtreme products contain extra effective formulas to block sweat and help prevent odor. Right Guard Xtreme products can be found in the following forms: invisible solid, gel, and aerosol.

Right Guard Sport: Proven to Perform!
Right Guard Sport provides highly effective formulas in aerosol, invisible solid, and gel products. These antiperspirant and deodorant products provide sweat and odor protection to help you perform on an off the field.

Right Guard Xtreme Hair & Body Wash: Tested to the Xtreme!
Right Guard Hair & Body Wash products have a dual action formula which cleans your hair and body. These formulas energize your senses, deep clean to remove dirt and odor, and moisturizes skin to fight dryness.