Henkel Consumer Brands Notice of Financial Incentive

Henkel Corporation and/or its subsidiary or affiliated companies (“Henkel,” “we,” or “us”) may offer financial incentive programs, such as loyalty programs offered by our Henkel Consumer Brands Professional NA brands (collectively, the “Program,” and each brand participating in Program, the “Participating Brand”). We reserve the right to add financial incentives to this Notice of Financial Incentive and to modify or terminate the Program or this Notice of Financial Incentive, in whole or in part, at any time at our sole discretion.

(1) Material Terms of the Program. The Program is subject to the Henkel Terms of Use and the loyalty program terms offered by our Henkel Consumer Brands Professional NA programs linked below  (collectively, the “Program Terms”), including their arbitration provisions and class action waivers.  Links to all Program Terms are provided below. As a non-binding summary of the Program Terms: Participants may earn Points by making Eligible Purchases in certain amounts, as determined by Participating Brands.  Accumulated Points may be redeemed for Rewards made available by the Participating Brand.

Program Terms:

(2) Personal Information Collected. The categories of personal information collected in connection with the Program include, as described in further detail in the Henkel North America Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice: (a) identifiers; (b) customer records information; (c) commercial Information, (d) internet or network activity information; (e) audio, electronic and similar information; and (f) inferences from the foregoing categories of personal information. 

(3) Value. Henkel does not assign independent monetary value to personal information collected in connection with the Program. The precise value each Program Participant receives from the Program can vary greatly by individual, and depends on (without limitation) (a) amount of dollars spent and points accumulated, (b) the rewards redeemed, and (c) whether someone is a regular or occasional customer. To the extent that Henkel calculates a value for personal information it collects through the Program, it does so in good faith based on the expenses related to the collection and retention of personal information as part of the Program. Henkel estimates in good faith that the value of personal information Henkel receives through the Program is reasonably related to, and generally less than, the value that the Program provides to Participants. The disclosure of the value described herein is not intended to waive, nor should be interpreted as a waiver to, our proprietary or business confidential information, including trade secrets, and does not constitute any representation with regard to generally accepted accounting principles or financial accounting standards.

(4) Opting-In and Withdrawing. To opt-in to the Program, visit any Participating Brand’s website and register.  You also have the right to withdraw from the Program at any time. Please note, as set forth in the Program Terms, withdrawing from the Program will result in the loss of all earned Points and unredeemed Rewards. You may withdraw at any time by contacting us as set forth in the Program Terms linked above.