Oct 2, 2018  Irvine, CA

New, Thicker Material Supports UL Reinforced Insulation and IEC Class II Insulation Standards, Delivers Excellent Thermal and Adhesion Performance

Henkel Expands BERGQUIST® BOND-PLY® LMS-HD Portfolio with Addition of Reinforced Insulation Material

Upholding its commitment to enable customers’ 2020 requirements and beyond, Henkel has developed a new, thicker version of its BERGQUIST® BOND- PLY® LMS-HD thermally conductive laminate material. The latest BERGQUIST BOND-PLY LMS-HD is a 0.018” thick thermal adhesive that complies with the Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) standard for reinforced insulation as well as IEC Class II insulation standards.* This allows designers and manufacturers of power applications with stringent insulation requirements to take advantage of the benefits of BERGQUIST BOND-PLY LMS-HD, or to future-proof products that may not currently fall under this UL regulation but could be subjected to its implementation in the near future.

As compared to other materials in the portfolio, the new BERGQUIST BOND-PLY LMS-HD provides a higher standoff between the device and heat sink for reinforced insulation and maintains all of the high-performance properties of the standard thickness version. The material is a heat-curable formulation that delivers excellent thermal performance of 1.4 W/m-K and strong adhesion, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners such as screws or clips. With a low modulus, silicone-based BERGQUIST BOND-PLY LMS-HD effectively absorbs mechanical stresses common with assembly-level coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatches, and also provides robust protection against shock and vibration.

“Any power application with critical insulation requirements, or that may need to comply with anticipated UL safety standards will benefit from the new BERGQUIST BOND-PLY material,” says Justin Kolbe, Global Market Segment Manager, Power and Industrial Automation, Henkel Corporation. “By incorporating thermally-conductive laminate material that meets reinforced insulation standards into current product designs, manufacturers can expand target markets and help customers save valuable time and resource; electronic devices produced today will adhere to future standards should they be implemented in emerging sectors where safety agency requirements have not yet been clearly defined.”

Henkel’s 0.018” thick BERGQUIST BOND-PLY LMS-HD is ideal for a variety of power component to heat sink applications where excellent dielectric performance, adhesive strength over a wide continuous use temperature range and thicker reinforcement are required.

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*Agency approval must be tested and verified on a case-by-case basis.