Aug 29, 2018  Irvine, CA

BERGQUIST® Brand Liquid and Pad Thermal Interface Materials Improve Performance, Lifetime and Reliability of Li-Ion Automotive Battery Systems

Henkel Highlights Thermal Management Solutions at The Battery Show North America 2018

Henkel’s BERGQUIST® brand of thermal management materials is the market leader in versatile, reliable and cost-effective heat dissipation solutions across nearly all electronic market segments. In the automotive space, specifically lithium- ion (li-ion) battery systems, Henkel’s thermal interface materials (TIMs) are driving new capabilities with better performance and reliability. Henkel will be exhibiting its latest TIM products, as well as its connecting and protecting materials in booth 311 from September 11 – 13 at The Battery Show North America 2018.

“The capability of lithium-ion battery systems is central to the advancement of electric vehicle (EV) technology,” says Pankaj Arora, Henkel Corporation Market Segment Head for Automotive Electronics, E-Mobility. “As new, higher-voltage batteries are being designed for faster charging, longer distances and more intense peak performance, considerations for thermal management are essential for long-term reliability and extended battery life. Our liquid and pad TIM materials are providing critical gap filling for thorough heat transfer technology at the module, pack and chassis level to enable thermal management and ensure dependable performance and reliability.”

While Henkel’s line of BERGQUIST GAP PAD® TIMs is extensive, one material that li-ion battery manufacturers consistently rely on is BERGQUIST GAP PAD 1450. This soft, compliant TIM with excellent wet-out characteristics conforms to various surface topographies to effectively transfer heat away from battery cells. Its soft, stress-limiting construction is ideal for fragile assemblies, and its permanent liner limits puncture resistance, improves handling and allows simple rework when required.

Increasingly, automotive electronics and li-ion battery specialists are integrating BERGQUIST liquid gap filler TIMs, which are optimized for high-speed dispensing and intricate gap filling to manage the thermal load generated from multiple modules assembled into the battery pack, hood or chassis. Henkel invites The Battery Show delegates to learn about silicone-free gap filler materials and other Henkel solutions for battery packs and e-Mobility electronics. High thermal performance, reduced outgassing, room temperature curing and optimized rheology for improved dispensing are all integrated into the newest BERGQUIST silicone-free, liquid TIM.

In addition to leading-edge materials, Henkel technical experts will share their broad application and material science knowledge during two paper sessions:

  • September 13, 2018, 11:15 AM - 11:30 AM, Onyx Ballroom – Thermal interface materials maximize heat transfer and minimize thermally-induced stress on batteries. Managing the thermal load helps improve automotive safety, battery life span and performance while lowering cost. Find out more about effective thermal control during “The Building Blocks of Thermal Interface Materials for Automotive Power Conversion & Power Storage Systems” presentation by Mark Amberg, Henkel Business Development Manager for E-Mobility & Thermal Technology.
  • September 13, 2018, 2:00 PM - 2:25 PM, Open Tech Forum -- Eugene Chung, Henkel E-Mobility Business Development Manager, will deliver a presentation entitled “Boosting Performance & Efficiency of New Energy Vehicles Through Advanced Adhesive Technology”, during which he will speak about the impact of advanced adhesive technologies on battery life improvement and long-term performance, protection of critical electronics, weight reductions and cost-efficiency.

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