May 22, 2019  Madison Heights, MI

Introducing Five new LOCTITE® Circular Impregnation Systems

Henkel Enhances Water Conservation Results through Investment in Automated Impregnation Machinery

Five new high-speed, environmentally friendly LOCTITE® Circular Impregnation Systems are being introduced in North America by Henkel’s Transport & Metals business, to advance the Company’s vacuum impregnation business for the automotive industry and in support of the Company’s commitment to sustainability. Impregnation plays a key role in fully sealing die-cast metal and electronics parts against fluids, gases and other external influences that can cause damage — particularly important as the use of vehicle electronics accelerates and metal castings become thinner to meet vehicle lightweighting needs.

The new Circular Impregnations Systems, which seal porous components and parts through a five-step process, reduces water usage by extracting and recycling excess resin, so that the water can be reused - while maintaining current productivity. Through this process, Henkel has seen a reduction of water usage up to 90 percent — an average of 6,300 gallons of water savings per week.

“Our fully automated impregnation machines enhance quality control, reduce human error and deliver significant environmental and sustainability benefits,” said Scott Simmons, Business Development Manager, Henkel Transportation and Metals. “Through recycling excess resin, we can maintain water quality for a much greater period of time, reducing the amount of water that needs to be sent to water treatment facilities each week.”

In addition to bolstering water conservation, the innovative new impregnation process improves cost efficiency across water treatment services, production down time for water changes, and resin utilization.

Three new LOCTITE Circular Impregnation Systems are now in use at Henkel facilities in North America, including two in Muncie, Ind. and one in Lincolnton, N.C. Two additional systems are scheduled for installation in Franklin Park, Ill., and Monterrey, Mexico later this year.