May 30, 2019  Stamford, CT and Toronto, Canada

Turning the Tables brings the brand essence of göt2b® to life

Göt2b® partners with production company Shaftesbury to produce original short-form series, Turning the Tables

Henkel’s göt2b® trending-setting hair color and styling brand, is partnering with Shaftesbury, the award-winning production powerhouse behind such global hit TV series as Murdoch Mysteries, to produce an original short-form series, Turning the Tables. The 9 x 5mins series is the latest in a slate of branded entertainment titles Shaftesbury has created for global retail and lifestyle brands, creating new and innovative opportunities to reach Millennial and Gen-Z audiences.

Turning the Tables is a coming-of-age story set in the exciting, DJ-driven world of electronic dance music (EDM) and features an exclusive mix inspired and performed by the characters in the story. The first two episodes premiere today and can be viewed here.

“göt2b is a styling & color brand inspired by urban street styles that leverages professional formulas and helps consumers create their own confident looks,” says Manuela Emmrich, US Marketing Director Hair for Henkel. “Our products enable people to express themselves in an individual and authentic manner. We were so excited for the opportunity to partner with Shaftsbury to enhance our digital acceleration efforts and connect with consumers in a new way. With the Turning the Tables partnership, we are bringing the brand essence of göt2b to life in a fun and engaging way and are one of the few brands to engage and entertain consumers with a scripted short-form series,” said Emmrich.

The Turning the Tables scripted series is at the heart of a 14-week program, which also includes extensive secondary and social content, including behind-the-scenes videos, high-energy brand spots with the cast, #MEbyME empowerment quotes, and an EDM artist influencer promotional program. This month, in addition to the first two episodes, göt2b® will launch a monthly contest and product giveaway, including grand prizes for major US EDM festival concert tickets.

“EDM fans more than just love the music; they live it and göt2b’s® brand voice is directly in line with this high-energy and enthusiastic community,” said Tal Riff, Director, Content & Strategy, Branded Entertainment, Shaftesbury. “Music is a core youth value that brands want to be part of but often struggle to tap into in an authentic way. Turning the Tables allows göt2b® to present a dramatic and entertaining story, with characters who have music as a big part of their lives. Young audiences will relate and connect on an emotional level through the music and the characters’ journey.”

The Turning the Tables series stars Lanie McAuley (How It Ends, Travellers) as “Jay,” a classically trained pianist who finds EDM to be her true calling and more authentic way to express herself, and Donna Benedicto (Supergirl, A Million Little Things) as “Ash,” an established EDM DJ who soon becomes Jay’s rival and challenges her to an underground DJ battle. In the process, Jay comes to gain the skill, style and confidence she needs to pursue her dreams and take on the challenge of her life behind the turntables.

The soundtrack to Turning the Tables was created by Steph Copeland (The Heretics, The Hexecutioners, Let Her Out), a classically trained vocalist who is now a successful composer for feature films and commercials. Copeland created/remixed original tracks that each of the DJ characters in the series perform. Each character has a unique sound that draws from different sub-genres of EDM.

“Branded entertainment is the new frontier for creators and Shaftesbury is leading the charge. Building projects this way ensures that we can create stories that we know are targeted towards, and will resonate with, our specific audience. Achieving authenticity in the EDM world meant reaching fans through their shared musical language. So we were thrilled to discover composer Steph Copeland, who absolutely brought this story and the whole series to new heights,” said Liz Levine (Story of a Girl, Across My Land, Toad Road), producer, writer and director of Turning the Tables.

The two episodes of Turning the Tables will premiere today, May 29, at the start of the summer’s festival season. All episodes will be available on the YouTube channel Union&Ace, as well as on All additional content will be available on the @TurnTablesShow social handles on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Turning the Tables is executive produced by göt2b®, Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, and Kaaren Whitney-Vernon. The series was co-created by Tal Riff, Mark Bernardi, Jax Smith and Liz Levine, who also acts as series producer. Turning the Tables was written by Jax Smith, Raziel Reid, and Liz Levine, and directed by Smith and Levine.

Henkel’s göt2b® trending-setting hair color and styling brand, has partnered with production company Shaftesbury to produce an original series Turning The Tables, now available on YouTube.

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