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Hairdresser solidarity initiative

Dedicated to the Global Hairdressing Community Schwarzkopf Professional offers support with 'HelpYourSalon.com Hairdresser Solidarity Campaign'

The Coronavirus outbreak continues to restrict and impact lives in many ways, salons have been forced to close as they put both the wellbeing of their hairdressers and clients first; this means that for many, the income stream is currently zero. Schwarzkopf Professional stands in solidarity with the global hairdressing community, working hard to support, to sustain and to inspire. One of the ways in which they are doing this is through the HelpYourSalon.com Hairdresser Support Initiative.

HelpYourSalon.com Hairdresser Support Initiative

A salon is more than its services; beyond handcrafting beautiful hair, hairdressers are also friends and therapists. Hairdressers are there to help celebrate life's big events; building confidence at good times and bad. Within local communities, hairdressers nurture long-standing relationships with their clients, they are always there for them when it matters. But this is a challenging time, the salons are now closed, and hairdressers are unable to do what they love to do best. We are facing a time where there is a real risk of losing our local salons, our local hairdresser.

The Hairdresser Solidarity Campaign partners with HelpYourSalon.com to provide a free platform to sell vouchers; designed to help businesses, such as salons and independent hairdressers, to survive the shut-down with the means to generate an immediate cash flow. Set-up is quick and easy:

  • No Online-Shop needed
  • Easy registration in less than 2 minutes 
  • Link or sign up to a PayPal account
  • Personalized vouchers for every type of voucher or donation scheme
  • Sales revenue gets directly transferred to hairdresser´s Paypal account – no middleman, no time-delay
  • No sign-up or registration fees.
  • Tell your clients using social media, WhatsApp and more!
  • It´s for free! No sign-up or registration fees, no transfer fees.

Loyal clients will buy vouchers that can be used when the salon is re-opened. Salons can choose to offer discounts on any pre-purchased services to help incentivise the scheme – or alternatively salons could ask for a donation targeting client's that have previously been a 'no-show' with a 'no-show penance donation'.

#TOGETHERWESTAND building a better future for one and all. This last week has turned our Perfect Present, our Reality, upside down. The world will likely never be quite the same for many of us.
We hope with all our hearts that you are not overwhelmed by the uncertainties we face ahead. We have set up a new community platform, especially for you.
It’s a place where we share our thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears. It’s a place where we will share training and education ideas, daily thoughts and professional advice, to help you come out the other side, ready to hit the ground running.
We can only succeed by standing together - you as a proud, creative hairdressers and we, as a team of top professionals, committed to your welfare, committed to helping you continue doing what you love creating BEAUTIFUL HAIR!

Simon Ellis | International Creative Director

Let’s stand together. Follow us on social media and share your comments on this initiative using the hashtag #HelpYourSalon and #schwarzkopfpro – remember to tag @schwarzkopfpro.

HelpYourSalon.com Hairdresser Support Initiative - How to participate

How to participate

HelpYourSalon.com Hairdresser Support Initiative

The Hairdresser Solidarity Campaign partners with HelpYourSalon.com to provide a free platform to sell vouchers

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