May 5, 2020  Irvine, CA

Gap Stability of new TIM Enhances Reliability of Devices Subjected to Challenging Conditions

Thermal Gel from Henkel lets 5G Telecom Components go Vertical

As the 5G wireless broadband connection standard continues to gain traction, development and deployment of next-generation systems that can reliably manage high volumes of mobile data processing and transfer are accelerating. Working to help telecom device designers achieve critical in-field robustness and reliability, Henkel today announced the launch of a new gel thermal interface material (TIM) that can withstand the environmental and positioning demands of today’s infrastructure components.

BERGQUIST® LIQUI-FORM® TLF 6000HG is a thermally conductive, dispensable, pre-cured gel that offers stable viscosity in storage and in use.  The material, which can accommodate gaps up to 3.0 mm, offers production simplicity as the pre-cured formulation requires no mixing or refrigeration. Once applied, the 6.0 W/m-K TIM gel maintains its form and position, which is critical for telecom devices that may be placed vertically in outdoor environments with limited active cooling.  

According to leading industry analyst OMDIA, 5G system designs demand a new level of thermal management capability. “The higher data rates, support for new high bands, and lower latency features of 5G infrastructure systems are pushing devices to their maximum capacity,” says Stéphane Téral, Technology Fellow at OMDIA. “Our analysts are seeing bigger ASICs and greater processing power becoming the norm for 5G, making more capable thermal dissipation essential – especially in outdoor environments where active cooling is limited. Thermal interface materials are integral to the reliable performance of next-generation 5G.”

BERGQUIST® LIQUI-FORM® TLF 6000HG is addressing the emerging high thermal conductivity requirements of new 5G telecom infrastructure systems, while simultaneously aligning with large scale manufacturing protocols, delivering compliance with UL and RoHS industry standards and, most importantly, providing in-application performance, durability and long-term reliability. The new, fast-dispensing BERGQUIST® LIQUI-FORM® TLF 6000HG TIM showed excellent vertical gap stability with no slipping during more than 1,000 hours of gap stability testing, and also passed more than 1,000 hours of thermal cycling testing without any material cracking or degradation in thermal conductivity.

“The customer response to the one-part, 6.0 W/m-K thermal gel has been great and I’m delighted with the enthusiasm about the new material,” concludes Henkel’s Wayne Eng, Global Head of Market Strategy, Datacom and Telecom. “5G designers know that, while thermal capability is essential, thermal conductivity alone is not enough for the demanding 5G space. These new materials not only dissipate heat at a high rate, but also accommodate large gaps for use with a wide application range, provide fast dispensing at up to 17 g/min. for high volume production compatibility, and are resistant to the tough environmental conditions telecom systems must withstand.”

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BERGQUIST® LIQUI-FORM® TLF 6000HG thermal gel has excellent vertical gap stability, ideal for 5G infrastructure components.