Apr 21, 2020  Rocky Hill, CT

Henkel Collaborates with Nexa3D to Further Fuel End-Use Production in Additive Manufacturing

Nexa3D joins Henkel’s Open Materials Platform and announces the availability of its first solution powered by LOCTITE high performance 3D printing materials

Nexa3D recently joined Henkel’s Open Materials Platform with the goal of expanding the capabilities of its ultrafast production stereolithography technology. Together, the companies are combining their skills and expertise to further scale improvements in industrial additive manufacturing.

As a result, the companies are jointly announcing the availability of Nexa3D 3843-xABS Black. This unique formulation is specifically tuned for use with Nexa3D’s flagship NXE400 3D printer, and is based on LOCTITE® 3843. The material offers significant elongation and outstanding flexural and tensile physical properties, while also providing high green strength and excellent heat deflection temperature.

These combined properties allow for very accurate prints on Nexa3D devices, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications including arms, levers and brackets, and other mechanical assemblies used in robotics, automation machinery and manufacturing stations, in addition to parts and systems for a variety of last mile transportation vehicles, including drones.

“Since we announced the formation of our 3D Printing business, we’ve been focused on developing partnerships with leading OEM printer manufacturers.  We are excited to announce our partnership with NEXA3D, whose patented technology is ideally suited to realize the full potential of the Loctite™ materials portfolio,” says Henkel’s Head of Additive Manufacturing, Simon Mawson.

In addition to Henkel’s unique material, the collaboration also benefits from Nexa3D’s innovative 3D printing technology. The company’s NXE400 device prints up to 19 liters of part volume at high speed, greatly reducing the time it takes to produce functional prototypes and production parts, often from hours to just minutes.

“We are thrilled to partner with a performance materials leader of Henkel caliber to jointly drive additive manufacturing to scale for manufacturers around the globe,” says Avi Reichental, Nexa3D’s Co-founder and CEO. “We founded Nexa3D with the sole purpose of providing the world’s fastest, largest and most accurate industrial 3D printer to power our customers’ additive manufacturing transformation. We believe that together with Henkel’s high-performance material capabilities, we are poised to reach end-use production scale even faster.”

Going forward, Henkel and Nexa3D plan to expand the portfolio of materials which are tailored specifically for the high throughput capabilities of the NXE400. Through ongoing collaboration, they’ll unlock an even wider range of applications, directly benefiting designers and manufacturers who want to leverage 3D printing in the production of truly functional parts.

Both the NXE400 and the xABS Black material are available for purchase now. To find a Nexa3D reseller or schedule a demo, please click here.   

To learn more about Henkel’s innovation in 3D printing visit LoctiteAM.com. To see how your organization can collaborate with Henkel, please email Loctite3DP@henkel.com.

A sampling of production parts, including an automotive headlamp housing and mounting bracket machinery, printed by Nexa3D printer using Henkel’s LOCTITE 3843 resin