Sep 23, 2020  Rocky Hill, CT

New seam sealant adheres to bare, oily metals and withstands high temperature paint bake processes

Henkel’s Powder and E-Coat-Compatible Seam Sealant Provides Toughness and Flexibility

Designed to prohibit liquids, solids and gases from entering through gaps and voids in metal seams, new Loctite® EA 3501™ HT is a one-part, heat-cure epoxy seam sealant that offers excellent adhesion to primed or bare, oily metals. This grey sealant maintains its flexibility, adhesion and color after exposure to paint bake processes up to 225ºC, and is ideal for use on a range of outdoor power and heavy equipment vehicles including agricultural, construction, utility, marine and sports/leisure, as well as work trucks and trailers.

Compatible with many metal pre-treatment processes as well as e-coat primer/paint and powder top-coat processes, Loctite® EA 3501™ HT can be easily pump-applied without preheating and smoothed in place with ease. This epoxy provides a tough, flexible bond on metal seams between welded or bonded joints, butt joints, and other visible seams to prevent rust and corrosion. Suitable substrate gauges range from thin sheet metals to rigid castings and extrusions.

Composed of 100% solids, Loctite® EA 3501™ HT is a grey paste in both its uncured and cured states. The epoxy cures on exposure to 160ºC heat for approximately 30 minutes. It will not sag horizontally or vertically at elevated temperatures and offers Shore A hardness of 65 to 85. On both mild and oily steel, the sealant achieves cohesive failure in peel or shear force modes.

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