Sep 28, 2021  Palo Alto, CA and Stamford, CT

Global Industrial and Consumer Goods Leader Adopts CommerceIQ’s Machine Learning and Automation Technology to Maximize Sales and Optimize Supply Chain Operations on Amazon

Henkel and CommerceIQ Partner to Accelerate Growth of Online Sales

CommerceIQ, a leader in E-commerce Channel Optimization, today announced that Henkel, a global industrial and consumer goods leader, has adopted its technology to create a frictionless experience for consumers that drives significant revenue growth on Amazon.  Henkel’s U.S. Beauty and Laundry & Home Care businesses are partnering with CommerceIQ to establish a single source of data and automate key processes like monitoring and reducing purchase order errors from Amazon to recapture lost revenue on its consumer product lines and drive profitability in its e-commerce sales on Amazon.

CommerceIQ uses machine learning, analytics and automation to aggregate data across sales, marketing and supply chain operations, helping trusted companies like Henkel gain shoppers at the moment of purchase and maintain customer loyalty. The platform supports two offerings, CIQ Sales and CIQ Advertising. CIQ Sales, which is the component that Henkel is adopting, provides accurate sales forecasts to inform inventory planning and automations to reduce revenue leakage and help with the fulfillment of purchase orders.

 "By applying real-time insights and automation to connect our sales and supply chain data, we are able to make our operations more efficient and enhance the consumer experience through improved in stocks, optimized share of voice and great site content,“ said Jan Weller, Director, eCommerce, Henkel Beauty Care, Henkel North America. “CommerceIQ helps us improve our supply chain proficiency, which results in accelerated growth and a lower cost operating model that allows us to invest back into our business.”

Henkel selected CommerceIQ based on its ability to extract precise, real-time insights and automate decision-making across many SKUs. The insights are based on a range of data, including: pricing, point of sales, market intelligence, purchase orders, inventory positions, content, third-party activity and more. Automations guide activities like resolving PO discrepancy and content errors, removing 3P variants, and reinstating out-of-stock and unavailable SKUs.

“We are pleased to partner with Henkel on its digitalization journey. For over 140 years, Henkel has operated as one of the leading multi-billion dollar industrial and consumer brand organizations in the world and is now emerging as a key innovator in e-commerce management,” said Guru Hariharan, CEO of CommerceIQ. “The team understands the value of taking an automated, holistic approach to connecting their sales and supply chain operations, which is an important step to capitalizing on the tremendous market opportunity in eCommerce.”

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Henkel has partnered with CommerceIQ to drive profitability in its e-commerce sales on Amazon