Jul 12, 2022  Stamford, CT

Zotos Professional supports the positive impact of art education on mental health and provides donation to Art Feeds in honor of Hair Creator’s Day

Henkel Brand Partners with Children’s Art Organization to Foster Creative Expression

In an effort to support the positive connection between art and mental health, Zotos Professional, recognized for innovation in the hair care industry, has made a charitable contribution in the amount of $50,000 to Art Feeds, the brand announced today. The donation will benefit over 19,000 children by supplying resources for art lessons, helping to foster confidence-building environments where their creativity can flourish.

Zotos Professional recognizes hair enthusiasts as artists and strives to provide a medium that elevates their craft the way Art Feeds provides the color palette to a young artist’s canvas. The brand seeks to make self-expression and creativity accessible to all through its affordable, salon-quality hair products, recognizing that hairstyling is a form of art. As an extension of this, the brand has dedicated July 12th as “Hair Creator’s Day” to celebrate those who express themselves through their hair, a feature so deeply interconnected with personal identity.

“We are honored to partner with Art Feeds for a second year to help provide children with access to education,” said Michelle Ryan, Vice President of Marketing at Zotos Professional. “We value creative expression from our ‘Hair Creators’ and believe prioritizing self-care through art will help lead our future generation to success,” Ryan continued.

Zotos Professional and Art Feeds’ shared mission is to make creative expression more accessible and highlight the positive impact art has on mental health, be it painting or hair coloring.

“Creativity finds solutions, sparks innovation, and imagines a better world, explains Meg Bourne, Founder of Art Feeds. “Expression is a vital piece of mental health, and we are thrilled to have the generous support of Zotos Professional to help us support even more children this year,” said Bourne.

Darci Burch Cohorst, licensed creative arts therapist, partners with Zotos Professional and Art Feeds to provide counsel for the program. “Self-awareness and self-expression are two of the first steps in supporting mental health. For many individuals, words aren’t enough and the ability to express thoughts, feelings, and identity through creation and creativity can be life altering,” said Cohorst. “Whether someone has experienced trauma, is exploring their identity, or needs a way to process emotions, art in all forms offers a path to identify and understand the self and others,” explains Cohorst.

Art Feeds has proven that art builds confidence in children, something Zotos Professional also sees reflected in the Hair Creators community. The brand’s continued observance of National Hair Creator’s Day recognizes individuals who embrace and showcase their creativity in styling hair.

Zotos Professional has made a charitable contribution to Art Feeds, to supply resources for art lessons.