Jul 13, 2022  Stamford, CT

Dial® continues to support teachers through a back-to-school marketing campaign

Dial® Commits to Helping Teachers with DonorsChoose and TeacherLists

Dial®, a trusted brand of almost 75 years, continues to better the lives of consumers through its long-standing history of supporting handwashing education and healthy hygiene habits. Giving back to its community and committing to a social purpose has always been important to Dial, and this year the brand is building on their efforts from previous years by continuing to lend a helping hand to teachers.

For the second year in a row, Dial has partnered with DonorsChoose, an education-focused nonprofit that allows individuals to support public schools. In 2022, Dial will be donating $100,000 to health and wellness projects and 20,000 bottles of hand soap to public school classrooms to enable teachers to promote healthy hygiene habits in their classrooms.

Dial will strengthen the brand’s commitment to supporting teachers through a collaboration with TeacherLists, an organization that makes it easier than ever to create, share, and shop school supply lists. In 2022, Dial will provide 21,000 hand soap bottles to teachers through teacher appreciation month, PTO events, and teacher gift packs.

“At Dial, we will continue to make a meaningful difference by working with organizations who share like-minded values with a goal to drive positive impact on the lives of our consumers.” says Nicole Vigue, Marketing Director at Henkel. “We are honored to partner with TeacherLists and DonorsChoose, as it allows us to work directly with teachers and gives us the opportunity to show them our appreciation. We are happy to support teachers through this collaboration to help foster healthy handwashing education and give them access to resources and tools they need to support themselves and their students.”

“After another unpredictable year, it's more important than ever to show teachers the appreciation they deserve,” said Charles Field, CEO of School Family Media. “Teachers influence everyone in their community, from students to parents to other teachers, and we are thrilled that Dial is joining in our mission to support them. In May, Teacher Appreciation Month, School Family Media activated its trusted network of PTO and PTA school community influencers to enthusiastically provide special gifts from Dial, along with other category leading brands, to 100,000 teachers at 2,000 schools across the US.”

Dial also enlisted the support of its recently announced Count on Clean Crew to help spread the news about Dial’s collaborations with DonorsChoose and TeacherLists. The Count on Clean Crew consists of experts in their field who will continue to communicate Dial’s brand mission and initiatives to promote healthy hygiene habits. One such member is Arielle Fodor, or as she is affectionately known on social media, Mrs. Frazzled. Dial is thrilled to enlist Arielle’s support as she shares the brand’s activations and encourages her audience to get involved on her social channels @mrs.frazzled.

Dial is proud to help support the wellbeing of teachers, students, and their classrooms with the help of DonorsChoose and TeacherLists. Teachers have the great responsibility of molding and shaping students for the future, and Dial wants to ensure that those who are educating the next generation on topics such as healthy hygiene habits have the tools that they need to succeed.

For more information on Dial’s collaboration with TeacherLists, visit DialSoap.com/Teachers @Dial and support TeacherLists by following and tagging @TeacherLists and @PTOToday.

Dial continues to lend a helping hand to teachers through two education-focused organizations.