Apr 21, 2022  Stamford, CT

all® free clear brand launches an ultra-concentrated version of its eco liquid laundry detergent in a new eco bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

all® free clear Launches Sustainable Laundry Detergent Innovation

In a landscape where sustainability has become increasingly significant, the all® free clear brand is continuing to expand its range of sustainability-driven innovation. New all® free clear eco ultra-concentrated liquid laundry detergent offers a USDA Certified Biobased formula in a new eco bottle made with 100% recycled plastic1. This holistic environmentally conscious product launched online in March 2022.

“We are so proud to bring Henkel’s first bottle made with 100% post-consumer resin (PCR)1 together with an ultra-concentrated bio-based formula to the North America market,” said Laura Hyland, VP of eCommerce Laundry & Home Care, Henkel North America. “Sustainability is a key priority for Henkel North America, and we are excited to launch this new all® free clear laundry detergent product first to consumers within our eCommerce customers.”

In addition to being made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic1, the new eco bottle is designed with plastic reduction in mind. The grip format uses less plastic than a through-handle, and the compact size allows for 60% less plastic per load vs the 88oz bottle.  

With an ultra-concentrated formula, more loads can be shipped per bottle vs standard formulas, reducing the total number of shipments to consumers for the same number of loads. The bio-based formula is Safer Choice Certified and USDA Biobased Certified, delivering a powerful plant-based clean that is tough on stains and gentle on skin. Because of its compact design and Safer Choice certification, this item qualifies for Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program.

This launch has been fully supported by Henkel’s Laundry & Home Care business, which has a strong commitment to increasing and delivering on Henkel’s sustainability initiatives. These ambitious sustainability goals include reducing waste generation by 50% per ton of product and designing 100 percent of Henkel’s packaging for recyclability or reusability by 2025.2

“all® free clear eco bottle combined with the bio-based formula is a clear example of how Henkel is executing on our commitment to a regenerative planet, which includes embedding circular practices into our formulations and packaging,” said Jillaine Dellis, Vice President of Sustainability, Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs at Henkel North America. “Products such as this will enable a circular future for generations to come.”

With a focus on both sustainability and performance, the new all® free clear eco ultra-concentrated liquid laundry detergent delivers a powerful clean consumers can feel good about.

To recycle the used bottle, empty the bottle and replace the cap. For more recycling information visit how2recycle.info. To learn more about all®, visit all-laundry.com.

1Excluding cap, spout, and labels
2Excluding products where ingredients or residue may affect recyclability or recycling streams

all® free clear eco ultra-concentrated liquid laundry detergent is made with 100% post-consumer resin and an ultra-concentrated bio-based formula.