May 6, 2024  Stamford, CT

Laundry detergent brand launches vibrant new packaging with fresh product lineup that includes fabric care benefits and an innovative new detergent designed for athleticwear.

Persil® Laundry Detergent Puts a New Spin on Category with Reimagined Brand Identity that Helps Americans Get ‘That New Clothes Feeling™’

The laundry aisle is getting a refresh thanks to Persil® laundry detergent. Known for its premium, deep cleaning capabilities, Persil® now flaunts a dynamic brand redesign with formulas that focus on fabric care and deep clean for all your everyday clothes and fabrics. Addressing the category’s often-unmet consumer need of not only cleaning clothes, but also caring for them, the brand is helping laundry-doers experience That New Clothes Feeling™ through formulas that help keep clothes looking newer, longer.*

Committed to reliability and inspiring confidence wash after wash, Persil® recognized that keeping clothes ‘clean’ means much more to consumers than just stain fighting – it’s about protecting the clothes they care about. Persil® reinvigorated its brand with new positioning, a vibrant brand look to highlight their formulas that deep clean and help prevent color fading.

“Our consumers care about their clothes, and that matters to us. So, we are bringing new energy to the laundry aisle with a refreshed look and products that celebrate our shoppers’ clothing and the cherished memories interwoven in their fabrics,” said Matt Kutnick, Marketing Director of Persil®. “With deep cleaning power that cleans clothes right on the first wash and helps prevent color fading, Persil® Laundry Detergent aims to help everyone look and feel their best while keeping favorite clothing items looking newer, longer*.”

Alongside its new positioning, the Persil® brand is debuting an updated portfolio that solves a variety of laundry day needs – from lasting freshness to powerful stain removal and keeping colors bright. Most notably, Persil® is unveiling a new Activewear variant specifically designed for athleticwear, athleisure wear and synthetics while also working on all fabrics. A first-of-its-kind for the brand, Persil® Activewear Clean fights body oil and sweat, and helps maintain fabric shape and stretch. The new formula also helps eliminate odor and provides an advanced clean on performance fabrics.

Additionally, the brand revamped its convenient unit-dose format: Persil® Ultra Pacs™ in new, easy to open packaging. The single-use laundry detergent Pacs now feature a two-chamber formula, providing the same level of deep clean but with improved dissolvability and less film waste than previous Discs. The full lineup of Persil® laundry detergents is available at retailers nationwide in both liquid and Ultra Pac™ variants, Persil® Original, Persil® Intense Fresh®, Persil® Advanced Clean with Oxi+Odor Power, and Persil® Activewear Clean.

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*Vs. leading value detergent.

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Persil® Laundry Detergent Puts a New Spin on Category with Reimagined Brand Identity that Helps Americans Get ‘That New Clothes Feeling™'