Spotlight on our ERGs: Military/Veterans

People DEI Nov 10, 2022

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an important part of company culture. They help build community and engage different perspectives with the goal of encouraging positive change within and outside of the company.

In our Spotlight on ERG series, learn about our 17 ERGs across Henkel North America with over 1,000 employees participating and helping us build an inclusive environment and spirit of belonging. Together we are advancing our DEI priorities.

Learn more below about our Military/Veterans ERG.

Alex Betenson

Executive sponsor of the Military/Veterans ERG Alex Betenson served nearly four years in the Army/Army National Guard in a counterintelligence linguistic unit based in Provo, Utah, working to ensure the safety of our country’s secrets and protect our national security.

The Military/Veterans ERG aims to engage, support and develop a comradery among veterans, spouses, significant others, family members and supporters of veterans across Henkel. The ERG creates a place where the group can discuss relevant topics, participate in activities and build a support channel for veterans (both active and retired).

At a time where the struggle of veterans is at an all-time high, the Military/Veterans ERG provides an important support system for Henkel veteran colleagues as they adjust to the workforce and fosters a community for loved ones and supporters of veterans. By creating a safe space for the group to connect over shared experiences, the ERG lets veterans at Henkel know that someone has their back.

The Military/Veterans ERG hosts events that are impactful for its members and the community. In the past, members of the ERG and community have gathered to place flags on veterans’ graves in Ohio, and an important group discussion was held at Henkel to share feelings and perspectives following the exit from Afghanistan. The ERG is dedicated to remembering the sacrifices of those who served and supporting veterans who are adjusting to civilian life and their families.

Army veteran and executive sponsor of the Military/Veteran ERG Alex Betenson holds memorial days like Veterans’ Day close to his heart.

Alex Betenson

Coming from a family where four brothers, including myself, served under the leading example of our USAF Command Chief Master Sergeant father, I personally spend the day thinking about my fellow service members and what they have given to protect our freedom.

People standing in front of flip chart

Henkel recently held an ERG symposium, bringing together ERG leaders across Henkel North America. The event was an opportunity to network and plan for the future. Here, Military/Veterans ERG member Tom Handl participates in a collaborative breakout session with other ERG members.

A cemetery with US flags posted on graves

Thanks to volunteers from the Boy Scouts, various volunteer organizations, and our own Military/Veterans ERG for planting flags on veterans’ gravestones at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery on Memorial Day.