There is a reason why Adhesive Technologies is the global leader in adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings: developing new technologies and solutions for the future is one of our core priorities.

We cooperate with external partners around the world – large corporations, start-ups, or partners from our ecosystem – to develop and drive ideas forward together, to inspire each other, and provide mutual support. Besides investment, we offer access to our network of experts, and benefit from our many years of experience in our global business.


Henkel engineers are working with customers in the automotive and industrial sectors to optimize 3D printed parts.

Together with customers in 800 industries, we research and work on future trends. We are developing new technologies that enable us to continue improving products and business models – providing our customers with more targeted, customized solutions. This happens in our Innovation Centers across North America, around the world, and in our headquarters at the Inspiration Center Düsseldorf, Germany. Together we work on the development of new solutions such as making e-mobility safer or food packaging more sustainable. 


Innovation Partnerships

The Adhesive Technologies General Manufacturing Maintenance (GMM) business covers technologies such as adhesives, sealings, coatings, cleaners, lubricants, equipment and packaging. We are interested and open to proposed innovations in these areas. In addition, all innovation proposals that support sustainability and the circular economy are always welcome. Whether you are an individual innovator, a corporation or a university, we are interested in building strong partnerships.


Have you founded a high-growth start-up offering technological expertise, materials science solutions, or innovative business models? Then Henkel Tech Ventures is the right place for you. The corporate venturing arm of Adhesive Technologies invests in people and small businesses who want to change our industry with innovative technologies. Henkel Tech Ventures invests in scalable technology platforms, new business models as well as internal Henkel incubators. Together with our partners we are working in areas such as sensor technology for manufacturing, 3D printing sector or coating technologies. Benefit from our in-depth market and technology know-how, access to Henkel’s global scale network, industry expertise and our established connections with customers and markets.