Apr 30, 2019  Stamford, CT

Now available nationally throughout the U.S.

Renuzit® Snuggle®, two iconic scent brands, unite to bring freshness to homes

Iconic home and scent brands, Renuzit® and Snuggle®, have united to bring enhanced freshness to homes across the U.S. Renuzit® Snuggle® has officially launched with a new line of products, and is now available at retail stores nationwide. Everyone’s favorite Snuggle® bear now goes beyond the laundry room to add a comfy, snuggly freshness to Renuzit®. Now your entire home can smell as good as your fresh cleaned laundry!

Renuzit® has long been a leader in the air care category, and is now stronger than ever. The refreshed brand provides wondrous, convenient fragrances that fit your mood or style. Renuzit® Snuggle® allows hosts peace of mind that they‘re evoking a warm and inviting atmosphere to welcome their guests. The home is a reflection of who we are, and a welcoming scent is a convenient way to ensure it is a place where people want to be.

“We are extremely excited to bring together two of our iconic Henkel brands to refresh the air care category,“ says, Patrick Davis, SVP Marketing, Laundry and Home Care National Brands, Henkel Consumer Goods. “Renuzit® Snuggle® is the latest example of how Henkel is reinvesting in brands and innovation in North America to offer excellent solutions to consumers for all their home product needs.”

Renuzit® Snuggle®’s exciting new collection includes a variety of refreshingly colorful scents, including:

  • Linen Escape®
  • Relaxing Lavender®
  • Enchanting Tropical™
  • SuperFresh®

Experience Renuzit® Snuggle® in a variety of ways, from cones, oils, fabric sprays and automatic air freshers  – every inch of the home can smell inviting. Welcome them in.

For more information, visit renuzit.com.

Renuzit® and Snuggle®, have united to bring enhanced freshness in cones, oils, fabric sprays and automatic air freshers

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