May 17, 2022  Stamford, CT

A recent survey reveals that nearly 70% of Americans say summer creates the most difficult laundry stains compared to other seasons.

Persil® ProClean® Uncovers the Dirt on Laundry’s Toughest Season

As the unofficial start to summer approaches, Americans look forward to fun in the sun, the sizzle of the grill and spending more time outdoors, but Persil® ProClean®, a premium laundry detergent brand that delivers a deep clean, says stains, spills and splotches provide a laundry challenge that’s unmatched among the four seasons.

Persil’s recent Laundry Care Study* of more than 2,000 participants uncovered that the majority of consumers overwhelmingly blame summer for their most difficult laundry stains, including ketchup/BBQ, grilling grease, ice cream, dirt/mud, grass, and sunscreen. The study, which identified these most common summer dirty laundry culprits, also revealed who is staining their clothes more often and why. Here is the dirt:  

  • Bibs & BBQ: Thirty percent of respondents said ketchup/BBQ is the most frequently spilled sauce on their summer outfits, followed by grease from grilling (20%) and ice cream (11%).
  • People Get Down & Dirty Outside - Literally: The most common outdoor elements reported were dirt/mud (40%) and grass (30%), followed by sunscreen (8%) and flower pollens (6%).
  • Women vs. Men: Who Wore it Better?: More women (43%) suffer from dirt/mud stains than men (36%), but men (34%) experience more grass stains than women (27%).
  • Increased R&R Leads to More Laundry Time: With increased travel anticipated this summer, expect dirty laundry to pile up in hampers nationwide, as nearly 25% of respondents reported that vacations increase their normal laundry loads. 
  • Ope! Midwesterners are More Likely to Get Stains: Midwesterners are more summer stain-prone, with 34% reporting they were likely to spill the top summertime food stain (ketchup/BBQ) and 44% reporting they were likely to face the top summertime outdoor stain (dirt/mud) compared to some other regions.
  • Fresh & Clean! Doing Laundry is Rewarding: Summertime might bring on more stains, but 88% of respondents said doing laundry provided them with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

“While we all want summer days to last forever, our stains certainly don’t have to,” said Matt Bernick, Senior Brand Manager, Persil. “We created cutting-edge laundry detergents so you can spend less time worrying about stains and more time enjoying the season with the powerful, long-lasting results of Persil ProClean. From our product development to our creative campaigns, we aim to transform everyday laundry from ordinary to extraordinary. Bring it on, summer!”

The Persil Laundry Care Study* comes on the heels of the brand’s newest campaign – Mission Washable. The campaign leads with a new commercial (The Chase), featuring its iconic brand character: The Professional, who takes viewers on an exciting stain-fighting mission with the secret weapon of Persil ProClean. The Professional goes to extraordinary lengths to fight stains and represents how Persil products work hard to give clothes a deep clean whenever, and wherever stains occur. With the help of Persil ProClean, laundry turns an everyday ordinary clean into an extraordinary one to protect your clothes and accomplish long-lasting freshness. It is a secret tool to help lighten your laundry load.

Visit Persil® ProClean® for stain-fighting tips and to find where products are sold at local retailers. You can also follow along via @PersilProClean on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

*The Persil Laundry Care Survey consisted of 34 questions covering consumer laundry habits, sentiment, and behaviors and garnered responses from 2,051 U.S. adults age 18+ who had done laundry 2+ times in the last 30 days and are decision-makers for household cleaning products.

Persil’s recent Laundry Care Study of more than 2,000 participants uncovered that the majority of consumers overwhelmingly blame summer for their most difficult laundry stains