Dec 4, 2023  Stamford, CT

#1 Teacher recommended antibacterial hand soap*, Dial®, collaborates with DonorsChoose and TeacherLists to continue helping teachers and supporting healthy hygiene habits in schools.

Dial® Gives Back to Teachers with DonorsChoose and TeacherLists This School Year

Dial®, a trusted brand for 75 years, continues to acknowledge the pivotal role that teachers play in inspiring and shaping the future generation through its long-standing support of healthy handwashing education. As the #1 teacher recommended antibacterial hand soap*, giving back to its community has always been important to Dial, and this year the brand is building on their efforts from previous years by continuing to lend a helping hand to teachers.

A longtime goal and brand mission of Dial’s is to give educators the tools they need to teach the next generation and foster healthier communities by providing resources that support clean skin and proper hygiene practices. For the third consecutive year, Dial has partnered with DonorsChoose, an education-focused nonprofit that allows individuals to support public schools. For Back-To-School season 2023, Dial made a $100,000 2x Match Offer donation to health and wellness projects at schools, which resulted in 947 funded projects, 639 schools served, and 772 teachers supported, 107 of whom had their first-ever project funded thanks to Dial’s partnership.

For the second year in a row, Dial strengthened the brand’s commitment to supporting teachers through a collaboration with TeacherLists, an organization that makes it easier than ever to create, share, and shop school supply lists. The platform serves the school community by connecting the world’s top brands with school districts, teachers, and parents to ensure that everyone can win back-to-school. In the 2023 Back-To-School season, Dial® Hand Soap appeared on over 15,000 school supply lists, reaching up to 360,000 students. For the last two years, Dial appeared as the “Most requested hand soap brand on TeacherLists”.

“At Dial, we will continue to support our teachers and give back to schools in a meaningful way that makes a tangible difference in the lives of so many,” says Nicole Vigue, Marketing Director at Henkel. “We are honored to be collaborating with DonorsChoose and TeacherLists again as we value their partnership and continuous efforts to help us foster healthy handwashing education in schools nationwide.”

Dial is proud to help support the wellbeing of teachers, students, and their classrooms with the help of DonorsChoose and TeacherLists. Teachers have the great responsibility of molding and shaping students for the future, and Dial wants to ensure that those who are educating the next generation on topics such as healthy hygiene habits have the tools that they need to succeed.

Learn more about Dial’s Give Teachers a Hand initiative and try Science of Clean lesson plans at

*antibacterial liquid and foaming

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