Jul 2, 2024  Stamford, CT

Snuggle® brand, known for making the world a cozier place for over 30 years, premieres campaign to showcase new brand messaging across national TV & multiple digital and social platforms.

Snuggle® Brand Unveils New Campaign Celebrating the Comfort of Home

The Snuggle® brand announces the premiere of their new campaign, launching on July 1, 2024, to mark the debut of its new brand messaging. With a new national television commercial as well as digital and social media content running across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, it aims to engage Snuggle® brand consumers in a dynamic and impactful manner, showcasing the brand’s commitment to bringing the comfort of home to families everywhere.

This campaign not only emphasizes how Snuggle® products enhance comfort with its collection of liquid fabric softeners, dryer sheets and scent booster crystals, but also underscores the role of scent cues in evoking the familiar feeling of home. The digital content crafted for this campaign is designed to resonate with a broad audience through compelling storytelling and creative visuals. The content celebrates the range of products designed to appeal to all, emphasizing the joy of embracing both softness and freshness after every wash.

We are excited to launch this new Snuggle® campaign, centered around the powerful connection between scent, softness, and the feeling of home. This initiative celebrates the cherished familiarity of Snuggle® product’s beloved scents while highlighting the comforting touchpoints of softness that evoke a sense of home. Whether near or far, Snuggle® products remind consumers that the feeling of home is always within reach, making every moment more comfortable.” - said Allison Feldman, VP Marketing - Fabric Softener & Personal Care Brands at Henkel.

The new Snuggle® TV commercial evokes a sense of home and nostalgia, highlighting the brand’s core values. Highlighting Snuggle® Blue Sparkle® Crystals, Blue Sparkle® Fabric Softener, and Blue Sparkle® Dryer Sheets, the commercial showcases the products being infused in everyday home settings to authentically connect with viewers. Of course, the beloved Snuggle® Bear also makes a heartwarming appearance. 

Consumers can catch the television commercial nationally, on Connected TV and Amazon Prime TV; additional digital content will premiere on YouTube, Meta (Instagram & Facebook) and TikTok all on July 1st. For more information please visit snuggle.com and visit us on Instagram @snuggle_bear, Facebook @snuggle, X @snuggle, and Youtube @snuggle.

Snuggle announces new campaign, showcasing the brand’s commitment to bringing the comfort of home to families everywhere.