Sep 14, 2021

#AViewFrom Henkel North America series

#AViewFrom Henkel North America: Irvine, CA

The world’s top technology companies – electronics innovators – partner with Henkel to create products that improve today’s electronic technologies and enable tomorrow’s advances. Much of this covert work is performed by the Adhesives Technologies team in Irvine, California. Learn more in this segment of #AViewFrom: Irvine, CA

Henkel Adhesive Technologies facility in Irvine, California

The Henkel Adhesive Technologies facility located in Irvine, California, is home to employees who provide a specialized portfolio of high-impact engineering solutions for electronic, industrial and automotive component markets.


From sunny southern California, Henkel Irvine’s team of approximately 175 employees serves the electronics, industrial and automotive components markets. A state-of-the-art 30,000 sq. ft. lab is at the heart of the facility, where new products are conceived and formulated for some of today’s most advanced electronics – from materials for semiconductor packaging, automotive ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) technology to data center processors to mobile phones and more. Broad in functional scope, employees in Product Development, Technical Customer Service, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Account Management, Controlling, Strategy, Marketing, Facilities, and Human Resources – plus an impressive number of interns – make up the diverse Irvine staff.

The site officially opened in 2010 when ten different electronics R&D sites with a wealth of collective expertise were consolidated in Irvine, establishing a strong foundation and a team that continues to make significant contributions to material innovation. With more than half of the specifications for electronics materials defined in the western hemisphere – much of that in California – the location is ideal to serve the innovation hubs of Silicon Valley, Southern California, Arizona and Texas.

#AViewFrom Irvine, CA


I’m happy to be part of a company that embraces equality, values diversity and offers inclusion. It’s very rewarding to work with colleagues to solve complex problems. It’s clear to me that our diversity enhances critical thinking and provokes creativity as can be seen by the many innovations we contribute to the electronics industry.


Did you know that Henkel North America employs approximately 9,000 employees in almost 70 sites across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico? Collectively, these sites support three business units: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care.

Our #AViewFrom series features select locations, sharing information and facts about our sites across Henkel North America.

A Talented Team Driving Innovation

“Electronics is part of our daily lives, and innovation continues to drive what we once only imagined. This makes it very exciting to be part of our team. Through our close collaboration with global electronic leaders, we are at the forefront of innovating next-generation electronics,” says Kevin Becker, Head of Electronics Innovation and Irvine Site Manger. “From the smallest components found within devices such as smart watches and smart phones, to hybrid and electric vehicles, and expansive satellite networks, our team is helping to bring to market innovations that change the future.”

Henkel technology enables innovation in a wide range of electronic applications (pictured) including personal devices, driver assistance systems, satellite networks and data centers. From die attach adhesives to liquid and film encapsulants, conductive coatings, underfills, thermal interface materials and conductive and non-conductive adhesives for sensors and modules, Henkel partners with customers to develop the most cutting edge and reliable technologies in the market.

While much of the work done in Irvine is highly proprietary, it’s no secret that the team’s success is driven by its diversity and expertise. “I am proud to work in one of Henkel’s most diverse sites,” says Dave Bennett, Global Key Account Manager, commenting on the Irvine team’s many cultures, native languages and perspectives. “Our diversity of knowledge, scientific skills and go-to-market experience have enabled us to maintain a leading position and exceed customer expectations.”

#AViewFrom Irvine, CA
#AViewFrom Irvine, CA

Photo taken prior to COVID-19 pandemic


Diversity and Inclusion is embedded in Henkel’s corporate values, and the Irvine team earned recognition within the global organization for cultivating a culture that ensures all employees can leverage their full potential to contribute to a winning team.

At last count, there were 24 countries represented and 28 languages spoken amongst the Henkel Irvine team. Additionally, nearly half of the employees in management positions are women.

“We are also a group that likes to have fun, and this has continued throughout the pandemic,” says Adriana Goad, Regional Human Resources Business Partner. “Bi-monthly virtual site meetings have incorporated our pets, videos of our hobbies and pictures of babies born during the pandemic. We just enjoy being together and found ways to engage and connect even when we weren’t able to do that in person.”

#AViewFrom Irvine, CA

Henkel is the premier materials supplier for the electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging industries. Advanced formulations include a range of products that facilitate electrical interconnect, provide structural integrity, offer critical protection, and transfer heat for reliable performance.


The positive, inclusive mindset of the Irvine team extends to community efforts as well. Past and present community service initiatives include:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
  • Restore Nature Garden (cleaning up local parks and hiking trails in Orange County)
  • Alzheimer’s Association of Orange County
  • Operation Gratitude (care packages for military personnel)
  • Sponsoring families during the holidays
  • Local food drives
#AViewFrom Irvine, CA
#AViewFrom Irvine, CA

Photo taken prior to COVID-19 pandemic


A team of ten Irvine employees hammered hundreds of nails as they installed plywood sheathing for a Habitat for Humanity build in Fullerton, CA in January 2020. In addition to employees putting forth their personal energy, Henkel provided a donation of $2,500 to support the effort.


World Record Holders: In May 2018, the Henkel electronics team set a Guinness World Record for the largest display of thermal pads with 8,064 BERGQUIST GAP PADs assembled in a 14 ft. x 3 ft. formation to spell the word FOCUS.


 Learn more about how Henkel is improving the electronics technologies of today, for the advances of tomorrow.