Hairdressing expertise meets data intelligence: SalonLab&Me offers hyper-personalized professional hair care

How Henkel enables individual customer experience with an innovative digital hair analysis

Innovation Digital Future Oct 20, 2022

One size fits all? That was yesterday. We are experiencing a social shift from the "we" to the "I” – because individualization is very much in vogue. But it is much more than "just" a trend. We are consciously aware of this cultural change, appreciate the diversity of society, and support people in expressing themselves. The message is: everyone is unique. Companies are also responding to this development and addressing the needs of each individual instead of developing products and services for the masses. In order to address consumers personally and retain their loyalty in the long-term, they are relying on the mega trend of hyper-personalization for their offerings. In e-commerce, sophisticated algorithms are being developed with the help of big data to tailor content and offers to the individual user to the smallest detail. But hyper-personalization is also possible in stationary retail, as the example of SalonLab&Me shows.

In the process of hyper-personalization, artificial intelligence (AI) is often used to analyze real-time data in order to uncover patterns and correlations in consumers' shopping behavior and to create a holistic picture of them. For example, search queries, wish lists, and purchase history are analyzed. This automated process enables what is known as one-to-one marketing, in which products, services, or content are tailored to specific customers and in detail.

How long-term customer loyalty becomes a win-win

For companies, hyper-personalization holds many opportunities. A study by McKinsey shows that 76 percent of consumers are more likely to consider purchasing from brands that offer personalized interaction points along the customer journey. As a result of the positive experience, consumers trust the company and return to its products or services again and again.  

A woman is opening her online order with personalized SalonLab&Me products.

Consumers are looking increasingly towards personalized shopping experiences.

But how can the same trend be adapted offline? Here, too, the use of AI is essential: digital experiences in the store offer consumers another customer experience highlight. In combination with personal interaction on site and the haptic experience of products and services, a particularly valuable shopping experience is made possible that strengthens the bond between the brand and the customer.

Stuart Hamid, General Manager Henkel Beauty Care Professional Germany, Austria & Switzerland

SalonLab&Me is the next logical step following the success we see with our SalonLab Smart Analyzer. With SalonLab&Me, we were able to create a brand, which innovates not only the personalized hair care business, but with its unique business model also an entire industry.

A unique brand experience

With the launch of the new Schwarzkopf Professional hair care brand SalonLab&Me, Henkel is addressing exactly this point. By combining hairdresser expertise with an innovative digital experience, salon clients can receive hyper-personalized hair care that is customized to the needs of their hair. At the same time, hairdressers get to discover an exciting new business model for their salon. Additionally, a direct-to-consumer experience is combined with an in-salon experience, as customers can order their personalized SalonLab&Me products through an online store that is exclusively linked to the salon.

The SalonLab Smart Analyzers is held against the strand of hair of a blonde woman.

The consultation for the hyper-personalized care products is based on a professional hair analysis done directly in the salon with the help of the SalonLab Smart Analyzer.

 All of this is made possible by the SalonLab Smart Analyzer, an analysis tool developed under the guidance of Henkel Beauty Care scientists and hair specialists. The state-of-the-art technology is equipped with a near-infrared sensor that measures the quality of the internal hair condition. The SalonLab Smart Analyzer enables hairdressers to recommend optimal products and services with the support of molecular analysis.

How SalonLab&Me works:

“We’re really excited to launch this pioneering project, that combines the invaluable hairdresser expertise with cutting-edge digital innovation. With SalonLab&Me, we’re creating a unique physical-meets-digital experience in which salons and their clients explore the best of both worlds, brought to life through a new business model: B2B2C,” says Friederike Murschenhofer, Corporate Director Digital Innovation at Henkel Beauty Care. “Not only are we offering a hyper-personalized product, but also a matching digital experience – including access to a SalonLab&Me online account, where end consumers receive personalized content matching their individual hair needs and goals.”

Friederike Murschenhofer, Corporate Director Digital Innovation at Henkel Beauty Care

With SalonLab&Me, we are creating a unique experience that combines the physical and digital worlds, allowing hair salons and their customers to discover the best of both worlds.

Individuality right down to the tips of the hair  

The hair analysis tool is designed to help customers take the time to get to know their hair and their look better and thus find the optimal products and application options. The focus is on the self-care aspect, meaning individual well-being – and the personalization options of SalonLab&Me products help customers to actively shape their own idea of beauty and well-being.

This is how the SalonLab&Me four step process works:

1. SalonLab analysis in salon

The hairdresser's professional assessment is an essential element for the personalized product recommendation: In the salon, the hairdressers together with their clients fill out a user-friendly in-app questionnaire in which further aspects of the hair are evaluated and the personal care routine is noted. After the professional assessment of the hair, the SalonLab Smart Analyzer is used to analyze the internal hair structure and color.

2. Hyper-personalized hair care recommendation

Customers receive a personalized product recommendation based on their unique hair needs.

3. Customization

Customers can also personalize their products with their name, a preferred label color, and one of three different fragrances.

4. Checkout and registration

The order process is fully digitalized: After signing up, customers receive a link to purchase their individual products and access to their personal SalonLab&Me account.

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