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Societies need people fluent in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
Reasearchers’ World is Henkel’s contribution to scientific literacy.

Researchers' World" (Forscherwelt in German) is an educational initiative designed by Henkel to introduce children into the fascinating world of science. Since its inauguration at Henkel's Düsseldorf headquarters in April 2011, more than 105,000 children around the world have taken part in Henkel's Researchers' World programs.

Putting concept into practice is the heart of Henkel’s Researchers' World. The content is specifically tailored to children ages 8 to 10 and takes a holistic approach towards teaching and learning by putting children into the role and workplace of an actual researcher.

Researchers' World is an out-of-school learning environment focusing on using scientific methods, critical testing, analysis, interpretation of data, science, and of course: creativity. Through specific learning objectives, children gain insight into the process of scientific inquiry. The classes in Researchers' World are based on research areas Henkel is active in, i.e. adhesives, laundry, home care, cosmetics, and sustainability. The latter looks into teaching children how to save energy, recycle paper, renew raw materials, general health.

The classes at Henkel’s Researchers' World are designed so that children work in groups with shared responsibilities, speak to experts, and present their individual group results. The main goal of the program is not only to intrigue young minds to take up science, but to show that science and research takes collaboration and can be an engaging field to pursue. Moreover, it is to prove that research is not limited to being in a laboratory – but that curiosity can be applied to all parts of everyday life. 

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Henkel North America introduced Researchers’ World in partnership with Mill River Park Collaborative in Stamford, CT.

Researchers' World Around the World

In 2011, the Researchers' World kids lab was opened at Henkel's Headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since then, the education initiative has become global. There are "Forscherwelt projects" in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

There are currently different types of Researchers' World program portfolios. The distinguishing factors are dependent on whether the program is hosted at a fixed-location laboratory or within the "Researchers' World To-Go" model, in which classes take place at selected sites and/or schools. In Dubai, Istanbul and Stamford, Henkel has established a regular program on premises of local educational institutions. In addition to that some countries offer digital programs as well.