Our purpose, “Pioneers at heart for the good of generations”, is what unites all of us at Henkel. With our pioneering spirit, our knowledge, our products and technologies, we want to enrich and improve billions of lives every day and shape a viable future for future generations. 

It is our people who make the difference. Their dedication, skills and knowledge implement our sustainability strategy. This is why we want to foster our people’s commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability at Heart

Our Sustainability Ambassador Program has trained more than 50,000  employees at our sites around the world since 2012. In March 2022, we took the Program to the next level and launched our a broader, more holistic sustainability engagement program Sustainability at Heart. We now further equip our employees with the knowledge, skills and mindset that are central to Henkel’s role as a leader in sustainability. 

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This video provides insights into the Sustainability at Heart program and is aimed at our employees to get motivated and inspired.

Comprehensive offer for our employees

The Sustainability at Heart program is an interactive platform that provides one central hub and offers a wide range of tools. The main goals are:

  • to inform by offering the latest news and helpful materials on our 2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework 
  • to help employees learn by offering different training to enhance knowledge, skills and mindset 
  • to connect by bringing together motivated people to engage and network 

The newly developed program comprises a basic training course, which explains the key terms and concepts as well as the global challenges of sustainability in a business context and presents how Henkel meets these challenges. The Sustainability Pioneer training was developed in collaboration with the IESE Business School.

In addition, we offer further in-depth training on specific topics and special sustainability training courses offered by the business units. For example, our climate training provides employees with an understanding of the basics of climate change, the impact on society, and concrete proposals for action in their private and professional lives, all presented in a series of micro-learning chapters.