Celebrating International Day of Women & Girls in Science at Henkel

Learn how Henkel and our female scientists are empowering and inspiring the next generation to pursue STEM careers.

People DEI Feb 12, 2024
Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science at Henkel

In the United States women represent 50.4% of the US population according to the US Census Bureau, yet in the STEM field only 35% of jobs are filled by women. Every year, the number of women and girls in STEM is increasing, with a 31% increase from 2011 to 2021. We are proud to be an organization that not only uplifts and supports women in STEM but is led by an impressive group of female scientists who pave the way for future generations.

In celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Henkel is excited to announce the launch of the application period for its 2024 Martha Schwarzkopf Award for Women in Science. This award, a tribute to one of the first female business leaders in Germany and a founder of the Institute for Hair Research, commemorates Martha’s entrepreneurial and innovative spirit as well as the empathy and dedication with which she supported her fellow female scientists.

We also want to celebrate this day with a big thank you to all the female scientists at Henkel. Their innovations and accomplishments improve life and create value for our customers and consumers. Not only do they excel at their jobs, they are also advocates for women and girls in STEM to raise the tide for all.

Here are a few recent stories of their advocacy, skill and mentorship:

Alice Cheung and Alexis Kriegl: As high-performing scientists at Henkel, Alice and Alexis are inspiring the next generation of scientists. Alice and Alexis both volunteer as Henkel Sustainability Ambassadors where they visit schools and teach children about sustainable behavior at home. They also volunteer as Henkel Researchers’ World instructors to introduce young minds to science education. Read more about their passion for science and mentoring the next generation.

Carmen Patricia Brito: Carmen is a skillful, adaptable and courageous IT leader who is driving success at Henkel. She is an active member of Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) ‘Henkel Women’s Network’ (HWN) and ‘Unidos’ for the Hispanic Community. Learn more about how her experiences of moving to new countries, learning new cultures and developing impactful relationships helped her find a bigger purpose within her role.

Martina Spinatsch: When it comes to women in STEM, Martina is a pioneering role model at Henkel. Throughout her 30-year career, she has consistently challenged the status quo for what it means to be a woman in engineering and R&D and was one of the founding members of an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for women leadership at Henkel. Read more about how she strives to open doors and empower female employees at all levels to pursue their career dreams.