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Corporate Volunteering

As part of our corporate engagement, we support our employees and retirees in their social volunteering activities in the communities where they operate, in an effort to support social initiatives and public institutions worldwide.

By establishing Corporate Volunteering (MIT Initiative) in 1998, Henkel became one of the first German companies to include the voluntary social engagement of its employees and retirees as a significant element of its corporate social responsibility policy. By supporting their employee’s social engagement, Henkel sees important benefits. Better teamwork, greater motivation in their job and closer identification with their employer are just some of the positive results that volunteers report. Furthermore, the volunteers play a pivotal role as a link between Henkel and its social environment.

Henkel employees support hurricane relief

To assist with recovery efforts in Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria, Henkel provided emergency aid such as food, clothing, and medicine in the communities where Henkel employees and their families live. Henkel employees from across North America also raised money to support relief efforts via a special American Red Cross website. These donations were matched by the “Fritz Henkel Stiftung” foundation. Henkel employees wanted to do more. In 2018, a team of 28 colleagues from Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business unit helped to rebuild and repair homes in the local community. The project was supported by the company’s corporate volunteering “Make an Impact on Tomorrow” initiative (MIT).