Jun 4, 2019  Düsseldorf / Germany

Open materials platform, new product launches and award recognition

Henkel Loctite expands its additive manufacturing presence at RAPID + TCT 2019

With the acquisition of Molecule Corp. and recent announcements regarding strategic collaboration with some of the market’s top equipment manufacturers, Henkel has demonstrated its commitment to the 3D printing industry. The momentum continued at RAPID, where the company shared new use cases, displayed new products and unveiled its new open materials platform. In addition, it was recognized as a finalist for the conference’s coveted Innovation Award.

RAPID is additive manufacturing’s premier U.S.-based event. Henkel’s exhibit space there played a central role in helping the company engage with the 4,000 plus industry leaders who attended the conference. Those who visited the booth were able to get a first-hand glimpse of some inspiring new use cases for Henkel’s innovative materials.

Henkel also used the platform to launch its new cleaning solution and washing station for resin-based 3D printed parts. Post-processing is often recognized as a time consuming and costly step in additive manufacturing. Henkel’s new products were engineered to help customers get finished quality parts faster and less expensively.   

Further, the conference served as an ideal location for Henkel to discuss its open materials platform with industry leaders. The topic generated significant interest and excitement from both the manufacturers of 3D printers and their customers.

“The new open access material program that was launched at RAPID 2019 with our premier partner, Henkel Loctite, was well received by our existing and potential new customers,” said Al Siblani, CEO of EnvisionTEC. “This opportunity allows both companies to deliver new industrial solutions for EnvisionTEC technology that will surely disrupt the traditional manufacturing space.”

For the additive manufacturing industry to reach its full potential, it must evolve from serving as a technology that is used primarily for prototyping, to one that can support the production of end-use parts. Henkel’s open materials platform empowers that transformation.  

"The engineers and business leaders that visited our booth were impressed with the commercial-grade quality of parts produced with Henkel materials and the Origin One printer,” said Charlie Vestner, Origin’s SVP Sales and Marketing. “Some of them expressed interest in using the combination of Henkel and Origin for upcoming series production."

The collaborative nature of Henkel’s open materials platform is also helping manufacturers of 3D printers develop and expand their opportunities in new markets.

"We are fast approaching a time when 3D printing anatomical models prior to surgery will be a requirement," says Gabriel Castanon, COO at NewPro3D. "With the help of educational models, surgical teams can now significantly improve the planning of procedures, which reduces surgery risk and increases their success rate. NewPro3D’s working relationship with Henkel is the perfect marriage between machine and material, producing functional models at very high print speeds. Ultimately, both companies are excited to drive innovation in a field that directly touches people's lives."

Equipment manufacturers weren’t the only ones to take notice of Henkel’s capabilities. The company was also the only materials provider recognized as a finalist at RAPID + TCT’s annual Innovation Awards. Henkel’s Head of 3D Printing Materials, Sean Dsilva, presented for the company. His pitch was entitled, “Pushing the Boundary of Additive Manufacturing: Loctite’s Novel 3D Silicone Elastomeric Materials.”

“RAPID 2019 was historic for us,” said Henkel’s Global Head of Marketing, Materials - 3D Printing, Cindy Deekitwong. “Not only did we successfully launch our open materials platform, but our innovative new materials were also recognized by RAPID’s panel of industry experts. The energy was considerable in and around our booth, and at those of our partners.”
For further information about Henkel´s 3D printing portfolio please visit loctite3d.com.

During this year´s Rapid + TCT Henkel showcased new products and use cases and unveiled its open materials platform.

Visitors at the Henkel booth received first-hand information about the companies´ innovative material expertise.

Henkel launched its new cleaning solutions and washing station for resin-based 3D printed parts.

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