Oct 15, 2020  Stamford, CT

Dial® expands annual Global Handwashing Day initiatives with TikTok campaign and partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Dial® Debuts #DialItForward Social Media Campaign & Teams Up with Key Partners in Support of GHD

Dial®, America's trusted brand for over 70 years, will once again continue their annual efforts to promote healthy hygiene habits in support of Global Handwashing Day on October 15, 2020. Dial has always been there for families, acting as a provider of products for clean, healthy skin. This year, Dial is continuing its partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America® to emphasize the importance of hand washing in an effort to reach as many mentees (“Littles”) as possible with this message.

Dial's 2020 Global Handwashing Day campaign mission is to continue to keep proper hand washing hygiene top of mind and ask participants to help each other out and share this important message. Today, October 15th, Dial makes its debut on the popular video-sharing app, TikTok, and invites everyone to join their #DialItForward challenge. Top TikTok influencers will kick off the challenge, which will run from 10/15-10/17, and will be driven by an original music composition written specifically for Dial and Global Handwashing Day for TikTokers to feel the celebratory vibes while washing their hands. Throughout the challenge, TikTokers will interact with others by using the app’s “duet” function to appear as if the soap is being passed from one person to another as they wash their hands. As part of Dial's continued support and partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America,Dial will encourage Bigs and Littles to take part in the TikTok challenge themselves in an effort to encourage meaningful connections (virtually).

“The Dial brand is proud to educate consumers about the importance of incorporating healthy hand hygiene into their daily lives. We believe good habits should start at an early age, which is why our partnerships this year are so meaningful,” says Randi Melton, Vice President of Body Care for Henkel. "As a family brand, we wanted to do something educational, yet fun, that helps people maintain a sense of connection with others during this time,” said Melton.

This is the third year Dial® has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters as part of Global Handwashing Day. In a combined effort, both companies’ collective objective is to teach healthy hygiene habits and promote wellness for all families. Dial remains dedicated to helping Big Brothers Big Sisters mentees (“Littles”)  by promoting healthy hygiene habits and mentoring relationships.

“This is our third year partnering with Dial for Global Handwashing Day,” said Pam Iorio, President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. “And the engaging lessons Dial shares with our Bigs and Littles, are great reminders for us all, about the importance of practicing good hand washing habits.”

“We’re thrilled to continue our partnership and support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Everyone at Dial is honored to be putting organizations like this to the forefront, while giving back to communities during this time," said Melton.

Show your support for Global Handwashing Day and join the challenge on TikTok by using the hashtag #DialItForward and tagging us on Instagram @Dial #GlobalHandwashingDay #DialItForward

For more information, visit Global Handwashing DayDial and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and please share the knowledge of proper, frequent handwashing with friends and family on Thursday, October 15, and beyond.